Where is the tourist information centre?请问旅游问讯处在哪里?

  Is there an airport bus to the city?这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?

  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?巴士车站在哪里?

  How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱?

  How can I get to Hilton hotel?去希尔顿酒店怎么走?

  May I have a city map?请给我一张市区地图?

  Can I reserve a hotel here?我可以在这里预订酒店吗?

  How much is it?多少钱?

  Keep the change,please不用找钱了

  Take me to this address,please请拉我去这个地址

  How long does it take to go to the city centre?到市中心需要多长时间?

  Stop here,please请停下来。

  What time does it leave?几点发车?

  Where can I get a ticket?在哪里卖票?

  Could you tell me when we get there?请问几点能够到达那里。



  Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?你能推荐附近的一个好点的餐馆吗?

  I’d like a restaurant not too expensive我想找一个不是很贵的餐馆

  I’d like a quiet restaurant.我想要一个安静的餐馆

  I’d like a restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere我想要一个有着愉快气氛的餐馆

  Could you recommend that kind of restaurant?你能推荐几个餐馆吗?

  Where is main area for restaurants?餐馆主要集中在什么地方?

  Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?这附近有中国餐馆吗?

  Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?这附近有高档餐馆吗?

  Do you know of any restaurant open now?你知道有现在开门的餐馆吗?

  I’d like to have some local food.我想吃些当地食品

  Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?哪有最近的意大利餐馆

  Do I need a reservation?我需要预订吗?

  Could you make a reservation for me?你能帮我预订一下吗?

  I’d like to reserve a table for three我想订3人的桌子

  We are a group of six我们6个人一组

  We’d like to have a table tighter我们想并桌

  We’ll come at eight o’clock我们8点到

  What time can we reserve a table?什么时候我们可以订桌?

  How late is it open?开门最晚到几点?

  How can I get there?我怎么到那里

  Hello.This is ABC restaurant.你好,这里是ABC餐馆

  I’d like to reserve a table for two at seven tonight.我想在7点订个2人桌

  I am sorry.We have so many guests this evening.很抱歉,今晚客人太多拉

  How long is the wait?需要等多长时间?

  We can wait till late hours我们可以等的晚些

  Nine o’clock should be ok 9点可以

  Could we have a table on the garden?我们可以要张在园子里的桌子吗?

  It’s ok.Your name,please没问题,姓名?

  What do you have for today’s special?你们今天有特价吗?

  Do you have a dress code?你有衣服编号吗?

  Should I dress a coat and tie?我需要系领带吗?

  Should the ladies wear formal dresses?女士需要穿正式服装吗

  No jeans,please请不要穿牛仔裤

  I’m sorry,but I want to cancel my reservation.对不起,我要取消预订

  Do you have a table for three?你有3人的桌子吗?

  Can we have a table in the corner?我们可以要张角落的桌子吗?

  I’d like a table by the window我想要张靠窗的桌子

  Please wait to be seated请等候如座

  Good evening.Do you have a table for two?晚上好,有两人的桌子吗?

  Sure,this way,please当然,这边请

  Our tables are full now.Could you wait for a while?我们坐满拉,请等一下

  I guess we can offer a table in 30 minutes.我想30分钟后会有空位

  All right.We’ll wait好,我们等会

  May I have a menu,please?我可以看看菜单吗?

  Do you have a menu in Chinese?你有中文菜单吗?

  Would you like something to drink before dinner?饭前想喝些什么吗?

  What kind of drinks do you have for aperitif?想喝什么样的开胃酒?

  Do you have some local beer?你有当地啤酒吗?

  May I have another one?能给我另一个吗?

  May I see the wine list?我可以看看酒单吗?

  May I order a glass of wine?可以给我一杯葡萄酒吗?

  What kind of wine do you have?你想要什么样的葡萄酒

  I’d like to have some local wine.我想要当地的葡萄酒

  I’d like to have French red wine我想要法国红酒

  Could you recommend some good wine?你能给我推荐些葡萄酒吗?

  May I order,please?我可以订了吗?

  Can we have separate checks?我们可以分开付帐吗?

  What is the specialty of the house?有什么特别料理吗?

  Do you have today’s special?有今天的特价吗

  I’d like to have something special.我想要一些特别的

  Do you have local dishes?你有当地菜吗?

  What do you recommend?你有什么推荐?

  Do you have anything ready quickly?有没有快点的菜

  Can I have the same dish as that?我可以要和那个一样的菜吗?

  I’ll have it就是它了

  I’ll have whatever you recommend.就要你推荐的

  I’d like appetizers and meat(fish)dish.我要开胃菜和肉(鱼)类

  I’d like to have dinner for less than 30 dollars including drinks.我想要30圆以下包括酒水的

  Can I have it right away?我可以现在就要吗?

  What is this?这是什么?

  What kind of dish is this?这是什么菜?

  I’d like this这个不错

  I’m on a diet我正在减肥

  I have to avoid food containing fat(salt/sugar)我不要有脂肪(盐/糖)的食物

  Do you have vegetarian dishes?你有素菜吗?

  Can you make it mild?能做的清淡吗?

  How do you like your steak?你想怎么吃牛扒

  Well done(medium/rare),please全熟(中等/生)的

  Could you tell how you to eat this?你吃的怎么样?

  Could you pass me the salt(pepper)?你能把盐(胡椒)给我吗?

  I’d like a glass of water,please我想来杯水

  May I have a bottle of mineral water?给我一杯矿泉水

  Uncarbonated mineral water,please.不含碳酸的矿泉水

  May I have some more bread,please?能再给我些面包吗?

  I dropped my knife(fork)我的刀(叉)掉了

  Is everything all right?一切还好?

  This is very good非常好

  I’d like a dessert,please一份甜点

  What do you have for a dessert?什么样的甜点?

  I’d like something light,just some cheese or cake,please我想要些清淡的,奶酪或蛋糕都行

  May I have some cheese?来些奶酪

  What kind of cheese is this?这是什么奶酪?

  May I have just a little of it?我就要一点点

  Can I have some fruit instead of the dessert?我可以要些水果代替甜点

  What kind of food do you have?你有什么样的食物?

  Is coffee included in this meal?咖啡包括在菜里吗?

  May I smoke?我可以吸烟吗?

  Hi,we need a table for two,please.你好﹐我们有两位。

  May we have a table by the window,please?请给我们一个靠窗的桌子好吗﹖

  We prefer to sit by the window,please.我们想坐在靠窗的位子。

  Can I take this seat?我可以坐这个位子吗?

  This table would be great.Thank you.这个位子很好﹐谢谢。

  May I have a menu,please?请给我菜单。

  Do you have a menu in chinese?是否有中文菜单?

  What's your special today?你们今天有什么特餐﹖

  What kind of dish is most popular here?这里****的餐点是什么呢﹖

  I'd like to have some local food.我想尝试一下当地食物。

  I cannot tolerate spicy food,could your chef make my dishes mild?我受不了辣的菜﹐可以请厨师在我的餐点不加辣吗﹖

  We need more time to decide what toorder.我们还需要一些时间来决定要点什么。

  Sorry,we still don't have any idea of what to order,do you have any suggestions?对不起﹐我们还是没有头绪﹐你有什么建议吗﹖

  I would like to have the same as thenext table.我想和隔壁桌一样的菜

  OK,we'll start with two glasses of icedtea,easy on ice,please.请先给我们两杯冰茶,不要太多冰。

  Excuse me,I'd like my coffee warmer.Could you please heat up my coffee little bit?Thank you!.请给我热一点的咖啡

  Do you offer any set courses for party of two?你们有没有提供2个人的套餐﹖

  May I have another fork please?请再给我一根叉子。

  Could you give me a fork,please.请你给我一根叉子。

  Could you pass me the salt(pepper)?请把盐(楜椒)传给我。

  This is not what I ordered.这不是我点的食物。

  Is soda refillable?汽水可续杯吗﹖

  Some more water please.请再帮我加些水。

  May we have some more napkins?可以再给我们一些纸巾吗﹖

  We could like to order some desert now.我们现在想点些甜点。

  Excuse me,would you please show me where the restroom is?麻烦告诉我厕所在哪里。

  We are ready for the bill now.我们要买单。

  Is the gratuity included in the bill?小费有包括在帐单里吗﹖

  Are we supposed to leave tips here?我们需要付小费吗﹖

  Is American Express(visa or master travelers'check...)

  granted/accepted here?你们收美国运通卡/visa/master/旅行支票吗﹖

  What type of credit cards do you accept?你们收那种信用卡呢﹖

  Thank you for your service.We really enjoyed it.谢谢你的服务﹐我们这餐吃得很好。



  Where is the shopping area in this town?


  Where is the biggest shopping center?


  Is there a department store around here?


  Is it far from here?


  Could you tell me how to get there?


  Where is the nearest supermarket from here?


  Where can I buy a roll of film?


  I’d like to buy a leather jacket.Could you recommend a good shop?


  Are there any unusual things produced in this town?


  Where can I buy it?


  Is there a duty-free shop?


  What time do stores open?


  I’d like to buy kitchenware


  Which shop has the best range of goods?


  Could you recommend a boutique which is popular among young people?


  Where can I buy cloth?


  What do you sell on the second floor?


  Excuse me.Can you help me?


  I’d like to buy a swim suit.Where can I find it?


  Do you have something special in this area?


  I’m looking for something for my mother.


  Hello,may I help you?


  I’m just looking.Thank you.


  Do you have sweaters?


  Could you show me some small sweaters,please?


  I’d like to see this


  Could you show me something in my size?


  Can I pick it up?


  Do you have one like this?


  I’d like the one in the window


  Could you show me another one?


  What kind of colors do you have?


  I’m looking for a shirt for a 10 years old boy


  Do you have anything smaller?


  Do you have any other style?


  Do you have a red one?


  I’d like something casual.


  This is not what I’m looking for


  This is too big


  Do you have a bigger one?


  This is too flashy(plain)


  I don’t like this color(design)


  Do you have the same thing in any other colors?


  I’d like something in cotton


  What would you recommend?


  Can I try this on?


  Where is the fitting room?


  This is just my size.


  It doesn’t fit


  This is too short(long/tight/loose)


  May I put it on again?


  It feels tight here


  What size shirt should I have?


  Could you measure me?


  Do you have a dress in white?


  How do I look?


  What is this made of?


  Could you show me this ring?


  What kind of stone is this?


  This is very beautiful


  It’s too expensive for me


  Do you have anything else around 80 dollars?


  I’m sorry.I’ll come later.


  Could you show me this bag?


  Do you have another design?


  Do you have one a little smaller?


  Do you have something with keys?


  Can I get a little discount?


  Can you order it for me?


  How long does it take?


  I’ll take this


  I’d like three same as this.


  This is a present


  Can you wrap it as a gift?


  Can you wrap these separately?


  Anything else?


  No.that’s all


  Can I have a paper bag?


  I’ll take this


  How much it all together?


  Does it include tax?


  Could you give me a little discount?


  Can I buy it tax-free?


  Do you accept traveler’s checks?


  Do you accept this credit card?


  What kind of credit cards do you accept?


  Is there a money exchange counter?


  Can I pay in Chinese Yuan and US dollars mixed?


  Is there a mistake in this bill?


  Could you check it again?


  You gave me the wrong change.


  Can I have a receipt,please


  I don’t have my change back yet.


  I already paid


  Could you tell me how to make it tax-free?


  May I have the form for tax refund?


  Where can I get a form for tax refund?


  Could you deliver it to Boston hotel?


  I’d like to have it today


  What should I do to send this to Japan?


  Could you send it to my address in China?


  By air(sea)mail,please


  How long does it take to reach Chinese by air mail?


  Can I take an insurance?


  How much does it cost by air mail?


  Do I have to declare?


  Will I have any difficulties with customs?


  I think this is broken here


  It doesn’t work at all


  Could you fix it or give me a refund?


  I found a stain here


  Could you exchange this,please?


  Could you change it for a new one?


  I’d like to return this


  Can I have a refund?


  Could you alter this,please?


  The waist needs taking in(letting out)by 3 centimeters


  Could you make it longer(shorter)?


  Does it take a long time?


  Can you make it a little earlier?


  I put money in this vending machine,but a coke didn’t come out.


  Thank you but I'm just looking.谢谢,可是我只是看看。

  Let me look around a little more.让我自己看看

  Do you have this in another color?这个有别的颜色吗?

  May I try this on?我可以试穿这个吗?

  Is this tax free?这免税吗?

  Can I pay by credit card?我可不可以用信用卡付帐?

  Too expensive.How about a discount?太贵了,打个折吧?

  Still too expensive.Give me a better discount,and I'll bring back my friends.还是太贵了,再便宜一点吧,我会带朋友来。

  Can you cut me a deal?你可以算便宜一点吗?

  Is this your final price?不能再便宜了吗?

  I want this,but in a large size.我要大一点的

  I would like to take this one.我要买这个。

  Please wrap this for me.请帮我把这个包起来。

  I'm looking for a gift for my friend.我要买这个礼物送给我朋友。

  What time do you open/close?你们几点营业/打烊?

  Where can I change money?我能在哪里换钱?

  Where is the cash desk?收银台在哪里?



  I would like to have a morning Call at8:00 in the morning.我要早上8:00设定电话叫醒。

  I'd like to order room service,please.我要食物送到房间的服务。

  I'd like a room of one.我要单人房。

  I'd like a room for two with separate beds.我要两张床的房间。

  I'd like as extra bed for room 702.我要在702房多加一张床。

  When is check out time?退房的适合时间?

  I am interested in booking a room.我想订房。

  Could I book a double room for 3 days from...(日期)..to(日期).我要订一间双人房从....

  How much is a double room for 1 night?双人床一晚多少呢?

  Your booking is confirmed.你的订房已经生效了。

  Do you have a bus service from the airport?有饭店的bus在机场接送吗?

  Could you fax me a map of how to get to the hotel?请你传真路线图给我,我想知道如何到你们饭店。

  Could you show me my room?你可以带我到我的房间吗?

  Where is the emergency exit and staircase?紧急出口和楼梯在那里?

  Please send another blanket to my room.请再送一条毯子到我房间。

  The sheets are dirty.床单很脏。

  There's no running hot water in my room.我房间没有热水。

  I'll arrive late,but please keep my reservation.我会晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。

  I'd like a room with a nice view(abalcony).我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。

  What time does the dining room open?餐厅几点开始营业?

  What time can I have breakfast?早餐几点开始供应?

  Could you keep my valuables?是否可代为保管贵重物品?

  I'd like to check out.My bill,please.我要退房。请给我帐单。

  Please bring me some ice cubes and water.请送给我一些冰块和水。

  The air-conditioner(T.V.set、light)doesn't work.冷气(电视、灯)无法开启。


  Can you change this into Rupiah?请将这些外币兑换成印度尼西亚盾?

  I'd like some small change?请将大钞换成零钱


  Is there an airport bus to the city?这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?

  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?巴士车站在哪里?

  How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱

  Keep the change,please不用找钱了

  Take me to this address,please请拉我去这个地址

  How long does it take to go to the city centre?到市中心需要多长时间?

  Stop here,please请停下来。

  What time does it leave?几点发车?

  Where can I get a ticket?我可以在哪里买票?

  Could you tell me when we get there?请问几点能够到达那里。




  3.fill in the form填写表格



  5.expressions in the air机上用语:

  Sir,what would you like drink?先生,您想喝点什么?



  double room标准双人间

  single room单间


  Could I see the menu,please?请给我菜单可以吗?

  Could I see the wine list,please?请给我酒单可以吗?

  8.take photo照相

  Can you geta full-body shot?你能够拍全身吗?

  Excuse me,can you take a photo for me?打扰一下,您能帮我照张相吗?

  Could you take one more picture for me from this angle?你能不能从这个角度再帮我照一张啊?


  Excuse me,where is boarding gate one?


  Hi,where can I get the boarding pass for flight CZ623?


  Where can I get my baggage/luggage?


  These are for personal use


  Where is tourist information?


  Can you recommend an economical hotel?


  Is there a bus to the city?


  Is there a hotel that costs under 50 dollars a night?


  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?


  Could you recommend a hotel in center city?

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学习英语贵在坚持,找到适合自己的方法,多运用多温故。无忧考网整理了酒店英语,一起来看看吧!1.What kind of room would you like(prefer)?您希望要什么样的房间?2.Would you like a room with a front view or a rear view?您是要窗户临街的房间,还是要背街的房间?3.Do you want a single room or a double room?您是要单人间还是双人间?4.Would a double room do?双人间可以吗?5.Would you like breakfast in our hotel?您要不要在饭店吃早餐?6.In whose name is the reservation made?是以谁的名义订的房间?7.How do you spell your name,please?请问您的名字怎么拼写?8.I’m sorry,but we don’t have any record of your reservation.对不起,我们这里没有您预订的记录。9.I’m sorry,we have no record of a reservation in your name.对不起,没有以您名字预订房间的记录。10.Do you have a letter or fax confirming the reservation?您是否收到过确认您订房的信件或传真?11.Who made the reservation,please?请问是谁预订的房间?12.From which country?从哪个国家预订的?13.Do you remember the name of the reservation clerk?您是否记得预订员的姓名?14.When did you make the reservation?你是什么时候订的房?15.What was the date of the reservation?请问您预订房间的日期?16.Would you like Full American Plan or Continental Plan?您希望是美国收费方式还是欧式收费方式?17.How long will you be staying?您将要住多久?18.For how long?您准备住多长时间?19.How many guests will there be in your party altogether?你们一起有几个人?20.I can book you a single room for the 15th and 16th.我可以为您在15日、16日两天订一个单人房间。21.We can confirm a room for the 15th and 16th.我们可以确认您15日、16日订的一个房间。22.It’s all right for the 15th,but not the 16th.15日的订房没问题,但16日恐怕不行。23.Just a moment,please.I’ll check the room availability.请稍等,我去查一下房间预订情况。24.Sorry to have kept you waiting,sir.对不起,先生,让您久等了。25.Unfortunately we are fully booked for July,15th.遗憾的是我们7月15日客房已全部订满。26.I’m sorry,I can’t book you a room for July,15th.对不起,我无法为您订7月15日的客房。27.We are fully booked for all types of rooms on that night.我们酒店那天的客房已全部订满。28.We won’t be able to guarantee you a room for July 15th.我们不能保证7月15日有房间给您。29.If there isn’t any room,we can get you on the waiting list or we can find you a room in another hotel.如果没有空房间,我们可以将您放入等候名单中,一旦有空房就马上给您安排,或者为您在其他饭店找个房间入住。30.For a single room,the price would be 30 USD.单人房间的价格是30美元。31.The total cost would be 100 USD.全部费用是100美元。32.I’m sorry,we don’t have connecting double rooms,but we have large adjoining rooms.对不起,我们没有相通的双人房间,但我们有大的相邻房间。33.I’m sorry,we don’t have saunas in our hotel,but we have massage service.对不起,我们没有蒸汽浴,但我们有按摩服务。34.118.Would you like us to send you a brochure?我们给您寄一份介绍我们饭店的小册子好吗?35.Who’s the reservation for?您为谁预订房间?36.Gould you give me your address and telephone number,please?请问您的地址和联系电话?37.How will you be paying the bill(account)?您将如何付款?38.You’ll have to send us a deposit of 50 USD.您需要寄给我们50美元的押金。39.Is the company willing to cover all the expenses?公司是否愿意支付所有的费用?40.When will you be arriving?您将何时到达?41.Will you be coming by plane?And the flight No.please?您将乘飞机来吗?航班号是多少?42.May I have the airline flight number and arrival time?我可以问您航班号和到达时间吗?43.We look forward to seeing you(serving you).我们期待着您的光临(或:为您服务)。44.The room may have been reserved in the name of the person who made the reservation.也许您的房间订在为您预订的那个人名下了。45.Our hotel has a fine view of the city.从我们饭店可以看到城市的优美景色。46.Our hotel overlooks one of the main avenue in the city.从我们饭店可以俯瞰城市中的主要大道之一。47.Our hotel is beautifully situated.我们饭店环境优美。48.This is the peak season.I’m sorry,but could you call us again later on this week?We may have a cancellation.现在是旅游旺季,很抱歉,您在这周后几天再打电话过来好吗?也许会有人取消预订。49.We don’t have any single room available.Would you mind a double room instead?我们没有单人间了,如果是个双人间您介意吗?50.I’m afraid we have no credit arrangements with your company.We will need an advance deposit by bank draft or in cash before the reservation date.抱歉,我们与贵公司没有信用合同,所以希望您再这个预订日期前以银行汇票或现金形式付给我们一笔保证金。

用英语预订酒店只会说book a room?小心英文水平太low被嘲笑!

不论是出国旅游、出差,总是绕不开英语的这道门槛。不会用英文订酒店,不理解英文词的含义,在网上看了信息却没勇气打电话确认,被坑惨的血泪经历,其实都可以避免。今天就来get在国外定酒店时的口语表达吧~1预定房间不论通过电话、还是当面询问,酒店的服务员首先会说:How may I help you?我有什么可以帮你的吗?你可以直接问:我想知道你们还有空房吗?而这句话在实际生活中有下面4种表达方式:1.I would like to know if you have availability?2.Do you have any free rooms?3.Do you have any rooms available?4.Do you have any vacancies?availability n.可用,可用性2入住酒店询问酒店是否有空房,对方首先会向你确认入住时间:What date you expect to check in?您预计哪天入住呢?在回答时要提供自己的入住日期,当然预计会住几天也**一并告知。可以这样说:I want to check in on August 9th,I'll be there for XX nights.我8月9号入住,预计会住XX晚。其他常用口语:办理入住手续:check in离开酒店:check out前台:reception desk房间服务:room service洗衣服服务:laundry service欧式早餐:continental breakfast简单的早餐,包括咖啡、果汁、牛奶、面包等。WiFi密码:WiFi passwordCheck in please./Check out please.我要入住。/我要离开了。I have a reservation for today.我今天有预订的房间。What’s your last name?你的姓是什么?Can I see your ID please?能给我看下你的证件吗?Is breakfast included?包早餐的吗?Excuse me,what’s the wifi password?请问WiFi密码是多少?You are all set.都办好了。3房型/床型确定入住日期后,服务员会告诉你可用的房型:We have double rooms and single suites available.双人房和单人套间有空房。And would you like a room with twin beds or a double bed?你是要定一个大床还是两个单人床呢?房型:Single room/Double Room单人间、双人间Single suite/Double suite单人套房、双人套房suite n.套房它比room要高级多了,除了卧室和洗手间,还可能有客厅、休息室这样的配置。twin(size)bed单人床标准间一般都是两张单人床,所以是twin bed而double(size)bed才是双人床,不要混淆哦~4酒店订餐有些酒店会免费提供早餐,一般是早上7:00—9:00:Is breakfast included?是否包含早餐?如果没有,问一下酒店客服附近推荐去的餐馆:Could you recommend a good restaurant near here?这附近您能推荐家好吃的饭馆吗?Which restaurant do you recommend?您推荐哪家餐馆?Where is the closest Mexican restaurant?附近的墨西哥餐馆在哪?Are there any restaurants still open near here?这附近有没有还在营业的饭馆?Do I need a reservation?我需要预订吗?对不起,今天晚上都订满了。I'm sorry.We're all booked up tonight.I'm sorry.We are quite full tonight。I'm sorry,all the tables are booked tonight。*用booked up或booked来表示“订满了”。要等多长时间?How long is the wait?How long do we have to wait?Is the wait long?等的时间长吗?We can wait.我们可以等。What time can we make a reservation?可以预订几点的?*make a reservation“预订”。How late are you open?一直营业到几点?*How late…?表示“……到几点?”What is the price of a dinner course?一顿饭多少钱?Hello,this is the Park Restaurant.May I help you?您好,这是公园餐厅。我可以为您服务吗?We are a group of eight.我们一共8个人。I'd like to reserve a table for eight.我想订八个人的餐。I'd like to make a reservation for eight people at six o'clock tonight.我想订餐。今天晚上6点,8个人的位子。*make a reservation“预订”。Could we have a table close to the band?我们能不能要张离乐队近一点儿的桌子?*close to…“离……近一些”。5结账很多外国酒店在预定时需要客人提供信用卡信息,一方面用来核实对方身份,另一方面是防止为客人预留房间后却没有按时check in给酒店带来损失。所以预定时被要求提供信用卡号也不要懵,只要回答对方你的信用卡卡号和持卡人姓名就可以啦。I need your credit card details to complete the reservation.我需要您的信用卡信息来完成预定。可以用信用卡吗?Do you accept credit cards?Do you take credit cards?小贴士Complimentary免费赠送Complimentaryadj.免费的,赠送的和中国的酒店一样,外国酒店的房间里也会提供一些饮品、食物等。但这些东西往往暗藏着“坑”——它们并不是免费提供的,退房时会一并清算,而且往往价格不菲。当你想直接享用房内的食品时,先看看有没有提供菜单,一般都会有明码标价。而当有Complimentary这个明显的标识时,表示这个东西是免费提供的,你就可以放心吃了~

酒店常用英语口语900句大全 预定房间

酒店常用英语口语900句会分为不同的模块更新,完整向大家展示从预定酒店到入住酒店全程相关的酒店英语口语。酒店常用英语口语900句非常实用,将近年底,是不是又有出国旅游的计划了呢?那学到的酒店英语口语就可以派上用场啦!看看关于预定房间的酒店常用英语口语900句精选你会不会?常用酒店英语口语:预定房间1.Do I need to pay a deposit.我需要付押金吗?2.I'd like to book a suite.我想要预定一个套间。3.I'd prefer a quiet room.我想要一个安静点的房间。4.I'd like a room with a view.我想要一个风景较好的房间。5.I'd like to book a single room.我想要预定一个单人间。6.I'd like to book a double room.我想要预定一个双人间。7.I'd like to book a deluxe suite.我想要预定一个豪华套间。8.What kind of room would you like?您需要什么样的房间?9.When will you stay in our hotel?您什么时候过来我们酒店?10.How long will you stay in our hotel?你要在我们酒店待多久?11.In whose name is the reservation made?是以谁的名义订的房间?12.Would you like breakfast in our hotel?您要不要在饭店吃早餐?13.I'd like a room facing the sea/the mountains.我喜欢朝向大海/群山的房间。14.I would like to book a standard room for three days.我想预订三天的标准间。15.We will be staying from tuesday for three nights.我们从星期二开始住三晚。16.The closest tourist destination is the beach.离这里最近的旅游景点是海滩。17.I'd like to make a reservation for a suite1 with both shower and bath.我想预订一个既带淋浴又带浴缸的套房。18.Is it just for tonight?只住今晚吗?19.How long will you be staying?您打算住多久?20.How long will you stay with us?您打算住多久?21.How much will that room be?那个房间的价格是?22.What attractions are nearby?附近有什么旅游景点?23.Do you have any vacancies now?请问目前有空房间吗?24.Can I just come some other time?我不能换个时间过来吗?25.I should look up some hotel rates.我应该查一下一些酒店的价格。26.I could look up some hotel rates.我可以查一下一些酒店的价格。27.Then do you have anything less expensive?那你们有其他便宜一点的吗?28.I heard that your hotel is offering a discount now.我听说你们酒店正在打折。29.From what date and how many nights will you be staying?要哪天的,您想住几晚?30.I made a reservation there and I need to change it.我预订过一个房间,现在我想换一个时间。31.Can you check to see if there are any vacancies tomorrow?你能帮我查明天是否有空房吗?32.I'm sorry,but we're fully booked for single rooms.Would you like to have a double one?很抱歉,我们的单人间已经订满了,给您订双人间可以吗?33.From which country?从哪个国家预订的?34.Does it include breakfast?包括早餐吗?35.I have found your booking.我找到了你的订单。36.Does the price include breakfast?房价是否包括早餐?37.How about your hotels's location?请问贵酒店位于哪里?38.I'll check our reservation record.我来查一下我们的预订记录。39.The facilities at this hotel are great.这家旅馆的设施很棒。40.We would like a room with a balcony.我们想要一个有阳台的房间。41.Does your hotel offer pick-up service?请问贵酒店有接车服务吗?42.I am sorry,no elite room is available.很抱歉,我们没有商务客房了。43.What time do you expect to arrive,Sir?请问您大概什么时候到酒店,先生。44.I want to book a suite for my family and me.我想为我和我的家人订一间套房。45.It's all right for the 18th,but not the 19th.18日的订房没问题,但19日恐怕不行。46.Can you check to see if there are any vacancies tomorrow?你能不能帮我查一查明天有没有空房?47.I'm going to be arriving late,but please keep my reservation.我晚一点到,请保留预订房间。48.It's through a third-party website.Sometimes,the bookings can get lost.你是通过第三方网站订的。有时候,订单会出问题。49.We wil hold your booking until 7:00 pm.without a guarantee.没有任何担保的情况下,我们会为您将房间保留到7点。50.We have a free breakfast buffet every morning from 6am-9am.Price is 150 dollars.我们每天从早上6点到9点有免费的早餐自助餐,房价150元。酒店常用英语口语900句包括整套入住酒店所需的英语口语,所以喜欢出国游,但是英语又差的同学可以将这些酒店英语口语资料整合一下,系统地练习酒店常用英语口语900句。不过,如果英语差,可能自学也比较困难,可以咨询**英语,为你定制酒店英语学习计划。

酒店英语情景对话—Room Reservations客房预订



作为经常出差的职场生活中免不了不断出现在各大酒店,住宿、参会、演讲等等这些,下面小编为大家整理的酒店换房英语对话,希望对大家有用!A:Good morning,sir.Anything I can do for you?A:早上好,先生。有什么为您服务的吗?B:I am in Room 325.Can you change the room for me?It is too noisy.I was woken up several times by that noise from the street.B:我住在325房间。能给我换个房间吗?那里太吵了,晚上我被街上传来的嘈杂声吵醒好几次。A:I am awfully sorry,sir.I do apologize.Room 325 faces the street,so it is possible that the noise is heard from the street.A:真的非常抱歉。我郑重向您道歉。325房间面对街道,所以可能会听到街上的嘈杂声。B:Anyhow,I'd like to change my room.B:不管怎样,我希望换个房间。A:No problem,sir.We will manage it as soon as we can.But we don't have any spare room today.Could you wait till tomorrow?There will be some spare rooms tomorrow morning,you can choose one from them.A:没有问题,先生。我们会尽快处理的。但是今天我们这里没有空房间,您能等到明天吗?明天早上就会有空房间,您可以从中选一间。B:All right.I hope I will be able to enjoy my stay in a quiet room tomorrow and have a sound sleep.B:好的。我希望明天可以有一个安静的房间,睡个好觉。A:Be sure.A:一定可以。

酒店英语900句 :换房或续住

170.May I have your name and room and room number,please?请问您的姓名和房号。171.Just a moment,please.I’ll check our room available for the next three days.请稍等,我查一下后三天的各房可出租情况.172.Thank you for waiting,sir.I’m afraid our hotel is fully booked for the next week.让您久等了,先生,谢谢。恐怕下周我们饭店的客房都订满了。173.But we may have cancellations,could you check with us at 8:00pm this evening.但我们可能取消预订的客房,您今晚8点再与我们核对一下好吗?174.I’m sorry,but we are expecting several tour groups to arrive today,we are booked solid.对不起,今天我们将有几个旅行团队到达,我们的房间已全部订满。175.Shall I contact another hotel for you?让我帮您联系另一家饭店,好吗?176.Could I keep the room this afternoon?My fight doesn’t leave until 6:15pm,and I don’t want to wait around at the airport all day.我能把房间保留到今天下午吗?我的航班要到下午6:15分才起飞,我不想整天呆在机场。177.If we weren’t so heavily booked,we could let you stay in the room free of charge.假如我们的客房没有订满的话,我们可以让您***半天。178.If you really want to keep your room this afternoon,we’ll have to charge you 50%of the price.如果您真想保留房间到今天下午,我们得加收您半天房费。179.Never mind,then.You can keep your luggage at the Bell Service until 5:00pm free of charge.不要紧,您可以免费将您的行李寄存在行礼部到下午5点。180.I’m afraid that air conditioner in your room needs repairing.We would like to request you to change your room.恐怕您房间的空调需要维修,我们想请您换一下房间。181.What time is the most convenient for you to change your room,sir?…sorry for the inconvenience.对您来说什么换房最方便,先生?……给您带来不便真抱歉。182.We could move your luggage to the new room while you are out,but could you take any valuables with you?在您外出期间,我们可以帮您把行李搬至新房间内,不过您要事先把贵重物品带走。183.You may pick up your new room key 502#from the Reception Counter when you return.您回来时可以在接待台领您新房间502号的钥匙。184.Could you leave your former room key at the Front Desk when you go out,please?您外出时请把您原房间钥匙放在总台好吗?185.Thank you very much indeed,sir.We are very sorry for the inconvenience.Hope you have a nice day.真的非常谢谢您,先生。给您带来不便真抱歉,希望您愉快。186.We’ll extend the reservation for you.我们可以为您延长预订。187.We’ll make the room change for you.我们可以给您换个房间。188.You may keep the room till 3:00pm,if you wish.如果您愿意,可以将房间保留到下午3:00。189.How many nights do you wish to extend?你希望延长住店几个晚上?190.How much longer would you like to stay?您想再住多久?191.The hotel is full and there will be someone taking your room.We’ll keep your luggage if you like.我们饭店现已住满,您的房间已预订给别人,如果您愿意,我们可以为您保管行李。(适用于客人想中午结帐后保留房间至下午的情况)192.I’m afraid you’ll have to vacate your room by 11am,I must apologize for the inconvenience.非常抱歉,恐怕要请您在商务11点前搬出房间了。给您带来不便,我表示歉意。193.Your room has been booked for tomorrow.Would you mind changing a room?您的房间明晚已预订给别人了。请您换一个房间,好吗?194.A:Excuse me,where can I send a cable?对不起,请问在哪可以发电报。B:Walk straight ahead,there is a post office on the right.直走,在您右手边有一个邮局。


情景:酒店换房对话:A:晚上好,这是前台,有什么能为您服务的?B:晚上好,我是8201房的陈XX,刚刚入住的。我的房间有股难闻的气味,而且被单是脏的,浴室也没有热水和浴巾,我要换间房。A:很抱歉先生,给您带来了那么多麻烦,我这就给您换间房,请您稍等下。B:好的。A:新的房间也在二楼,8211,还得麻烦您下来一趟。B:好的,我现在下去。A:麻烦您了,为了表示歉意,本次入住给您打九折。B:谢谢。英文:A:Good evening,this is the Reception,what can I do for you?B:Good evening,this is Chen XX in Room 8201,I've just checked in.My room is smelly and the sheets are dirty.There is no hot water or towel in the bathroom,either.I need to change to another room.A:I'm sorry to have caused you so much trouble,sir.I'll arrange a new room for you,please wait a moment.B:OK.A:The new room is also on the second floor,Room 8211.Please come downstairs.B:OK,I'm coming downstairs now.A:So sorry to trouble you again.To express our apology,we'll give you a 10%discount for your stay.B:Thank you.


在国外游玩,住酒店是免不了的,那么在办理换房、退房的时候用语该怎么交流呢!下面让我们来看看换房、退房时候的英语情景对话!A:Good evening,Front Office.Can I help you?晚上好,这里是前台。有什么可以为您效劳?B:This is Ms.Nini,Room 1827.I’ve just checked in and I’m not satisfied with my room.我是1827房的妮妮小姐,刚入住的,我对房间不满意。A:May I know what’s the matter?请问有什么问题吗?B:The room is too noisy and my husband was woken up several times bythe noise the baggage!I didn’texpect such things would happen in your hotel.房间太吵了,我丈夫被行李的噪音吵醒了好几次!我没料到你们酒店会发生这样的事情。A:I’m sorry to hear that,Ms.Nini.I’ll try to arrange another quiet room for you.Please wait amoment.(after a while)。We do apologize for theinconvenience.很抱歉有这种事情,妮妮小姐。我立刻为您更换另一件更安静的房间,我们为给您带来的不便道歉。A:That fine.Thank you.好吧,谢谢您。B:You’rewelcome,Ms.Stevenson.Your new room number is 1728 and here is your room key.My name’s Simon,and if there is anything else I can dofor you,please don’t hesitate to call me.不客气,妮妮太太。这是为您新更换的房间1728的房卡。我叫西蒙,如果有什么我能效劳的,请尽管给我打电话。怎么样,看完这篇酒店英语情景对话,大家是不是对住酒店相关的交际内容有了更多的积累了呢?


四六级考试中,写作一直是备受同学们重视的重中之重,小编总结了六类写作开头模板,以方便同学们备考。一、引出开篇类:小编建议考生们在描述某类现象时运用“引用”句式,合理引出要描述的问题——1.Recently the problem of……has been brought into focus.=Nowadays there is a growing concern over……(最近……问题引起了关注)2.With the development of our economy and society,pollution is more and more serious.3.Now people become increasingly aware/conscious of the importance of……二、提出建议类:以表达观点为主的文章,新东方在线四六级教研室建议用以下句式——1.There is no doubt that enough concern must be paid to the problem of……(毫无疑问,对……问题应予以足够重视)2.Obviously,if we want to do something…it is essential that……(显然,如果我们想要做么事,很重要的是……)三、故事引出类:这类开头能够很好地引发判卷老师的兴趣——1.I have a friend who...Should he....?Such a dilemma we are often confronted with in our daily life.2.Once upon a time,there lived a man who....This story may be(unbelievable),but it still has a realistic significance now。四、表达不同观点类:当要表达相反的两个观点或是不同角度的多个观点时,小编建议考生们学会以下表达方式——1.People's views on……vary from person to person.Some hold that……However,others believe that……(人们对……的观点因人而异,有些人认为……然而其他人却认为……)2.There are different opinions among people as to……(对于……人们的观点大不相同)五、预示后果类:在开头明确表示自己对某事的观点及相关后果,以下句式非常实用——1.Obviously,if we don't control the problem,the chances are that……will lead us in danger.(很明显,如果我们不能控制这一问题,很有可能我们会陷入危险)2.It is urgent that immediate measures should be taken to stop the situation(很紧迫的是应立即采取措施阻止这一事态的发展)六、引用名言类:名言开头能够提高文章的可读性,小编建议考生们平时可以背一些简单的美句、哲理句,以备不时之需——1.Education is not complete with graduation.This is the opinion of a great American philosopher.Now more and more people share his opinion.以上就是小编为四六级写作提供的六大万能开头句式,同学们活学活用,一定能取得理想的成绩!


小编为大家整理了英语六级作文万能模板:开篇句,希望能帮助到大家。1.Many nations have been faced with the problem of...2.Recently the problem has been brought into focus.3.Recently the phenomenon has become a heated topic.4.Recently the issue has aroused great concern among...5.Nowadays there is a growing concern over...6.Never in our history has the idea that...been so popular.7.Faced with...,quite a few people argue that...8.According to a recent survey,...9.With the rapid development of...,...


小编为大家整理了英语六级作文模板,希望可以为大家带来帮助,预祝大家高分通过大学英语六级考试。英语六级作文万能模板:开头句型1、Many people insist that...很多人(坚持)认为……这句话乍看没亮点,但将众人皆知的"think"换为"insist"有没有觉得高大上了许多?2、With the development of science and technology,more and more people believe that...随着科技的发展,越来越多的人认为……这个可是小编当年的“杀手锏”啊,虽谈不上洋气,但正确率百分百啊,还超好记!3、A lot of people seem to think that...很多人似乎认为……"think"终于闪亮登场,但"seem to"为整个句子增添了点婉转之感,这种客观的方式貌似较受老外(尤其腐国人)喜爱。