1.Good morning,sir.


2.Good afternoon,madam.


3.Good evening,sir.


4.Good night,madam.


How are you?


Fine,thank you,and you?




5.How do you do?


How do you do!


6.Welcome to our hotel.


7.May you enjoy your stay in our hotel.


8.Hope you had a good trip.


9.Hope you have a good journey.


10.It’s nice to meet you,sir.


11.Pleasant to meet you,sir.My name is……


12.Welcome you back,sir.


13.Nice to see you again,madam.


14.Goodbye,thank you for coming.Please come again.


15.Have a nice day.


16.Have a good evening.


17.Have a good weekend.


18.Good night and have a good rest.


19.Good night and pleasant dreams.


20.Good night and rest well.Hope you will come back tomorrow.


21.Hope you a pleasant journey home.


22.Happy landing.


23.What can I do for you,sir?


24.May I help you?


25.May I be of any assistance?


26.Is there anything I can do for you?


27.Here you are,sir.


28.Sorry to have kept you waiting so long,sir.


29.Thank you for waiting,sir.


30.Thank you.


It’s my pleasure.


31.It’s my duty.


32.That’s all right.


33.Not at all.


34.Don’t mention it.


35.I’m afraid not.


36.It’s not possible.


37.I’m really sorry,but you see my difficulties.


38.I’m really sorry to hear that.


39.I beg your pardon.


40.Pardon me,sir?


41.I’ll look into it.


42.How are you?I’m glad to meet you here.


43.We haven’t seen you for a long time.How are you getting along?


44.Wish you a successful visit.


45.Merry Christmas!


46.Happy new year!


47.Wish you good luck!


48.Wish you a happy festival!


49.After you,please,sir.


50.Thank you for your compliment.


51.Thank you for your kind understanding.


52.What’s the matter?May I help you?


53.I have come to say good-bye.


54.I’d like to say good-bye to you all.


55.Good-bye then,and don’t forget to keep in touch.


56.Good-bye then,and remember me to your parents.


57.How long will you stay here?


58.May I show you to your room,sir?Hope you’ll enjoy your stay in our hotel.


59.Wendy,I’d like you to meet my friend,Sam.


60.How do you like Beijing?


61.What’s your first impression of China?


62.How do you like our hotel?


63.Help yourself to dinner,please.


64.We hope you will come and stay with us again.


65.We hope you had an enjoyable stay,sir.


66.Have a pleasant journey home.


67.Thank you for choosing our hotel,I hope you enjoy your stay.


68.Thank you very much,sir.Goodbye,hope you have a good flight.


69.We are very happy to have you here.Mr.brown.I do hope you are enjoying your stay with us.


70.See you tomorrow,sir.


71.Pleasant journey home.


72.Is there anything else that I can do for you?


73.Will it trouble you?


74.Would you mind if I……?


75.If we have any shortcoming,please point it out.


76.I’m sorry to disturb you.


77.I’m sorry,It’s our fault.


78.Thanks for your reminding.


79.We’ll try our best to take some measures so that you can be satisfied.


80.Good morning,Room Reservation,may I help you?



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职场礼节美语 第47期:当朋友成为上司

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作,美国同事Amy到办公室去找他。(Office ambience)A:Good morning,Chen Hao..CH:Hi Amy.A:I heard your best friend Brad got a promotion.Is that true?CH:没错。Brad如今是我的老板了。A:That can make things awkward.CH:是啊,我们俩儿从好朋友一下子变成了上下级的关系,还真不好办。A:I think you will be able to work it out since you already recognize that things will be different.CH:人事处昨天才通知的他,所以我们还没有机会谈起这件事。A:That's one of the first things you need to do and soon.CH:急什么呀,他现在肯定特别忙。A:Everyone knows that you and Brad are close friends.They are going to be watching to see what happens.CH:别说别人了,连我都不知道要怎么处理这种关系。A:It could go two entirely different ways.CH:两种完全不一样的可能?哪两种?A:Because you are his best friend,he might be tempted to give you special treatment by offering you the best assignments and according you unusual favors.CH:如果因为私人关系好,他就在工作上照顾我,那其他人肯定会有意见。A:Yes.It would affect the way everyone views Brad.He could lose the respect of everyone who works with him.C:另外一种可能性呢?A:I don't have time to talk about that right now,Chen Hao.Shall we meet for tea this afternoon and continue our conversation?C:好,那我们下午见。******Mary和Chen Hao两人下午一起喝茶。CH:Amy,我们上午说,如果Brad特别关照我,那对我们两人都不利。你说的另外一种可能是什么?A:He might go out of his way to avoid any hint of giving you special treatment and treat you more rigidly than the others.C:你的意思是,他为了避嫌,可能对我的要求会格外严格?A:He might pass you over for assignments that you might otherwise have gotten.CH:这听起来可不太妙。那下班以后呢?我们以前总是一起去打乒乓球,或是一起去喝酒。A:I know that and I have heard you share some funny stories about each other.You'll have to be more careful about the tales you tell about your adventures.CH:不能再跟同事讲Brad的故事?为什么?A:Others might misunderstand and think that you are trying to impress them with the fact that you and the boss are best friends.CH:要把工作和私人关系分开,还真不简单。你觉得我有必要换到别的部门去吗?A:That's a possibility if things don't work out.If you can't accept Brad as your boss or he can't make the leap to being your supervisor,a change might be the only solution.CH:我想我们两人一定能做到公私分开。

职场礼节美语 第46期:残疾说法有讲究

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作,下班后跟美国同事Amy一起往外走。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy.碰上你太好了!A:I haven't seen you all day.Is there something on your mind?CH:你还记得不久前,我们那儿来了个坐轮椅的新同事吗?A:Yes,and we talked about your being uncomfortable around her because you weren't sure what to do.CH:现在好多了,我们已经成了好朋友。要是我什么地方做得不得体,她会直截了当地告诉我。A:What do you mean?CH:比如说那天,我们一起聊天,她就很客气地告诉我,不应该把她的轮椅当家具,倚在上面。A:It sounds as if you are handling this issue well.CH:可是,有时候遇到其它handicapped的人,我还是有点儿不知所措。A:First of all,you shouldn't refer to those people as handicapped.That is something of an old-fashioned term that is demeaning to many.CH:不说handicapped残疾人,那要怎么说呢?A:Refer to these employees as having a disability.It shows more respect.CH:这么说是不是太笼统了?别人会问,是什么样的残疾。比如说,我们办公室的Mary就是个聋子。A:If someone asks you what kind of disability,your response is not"She's deaf."Instead you say,"She has a hearing impairment or a hearing problem.CH:听力有障碍?那不就是聋子嘛!这不是一回事吗?A:I'll explain it tomorrow.I have to meet some friends for dinner now.C:那好,明天见。******第二天在办公室。CH:Hi Amy,昨天你说,不应该说Mary聋子,应该说Mary听力有缺陷。这是为什么?A:Because then you are describing her by her disability.If she had a disease,you wouldn't identify her by that.For example,if she had measles,you wouldn't say,"She's measles."CH:这倒也是。那除了耳朵聋要说听力有缺陷,其它身体残碍是不是也不能直说呢?A:Nowadays,you wouldn't say that a person is blind today.You would use the term visually impaired to describe the person.CH:不说盲人,要说视力有缺陷。要是瘸子呢?A:Just say that he has a disability.CH:看来,在这方面,我还真得注意,否则一不小心就会冒犯别人。Amy,你能再重复一下吗?A:Sure.We say visually-impaired,not blind.It's hearing-impaired,and not deaf.Use person with a disability rather than crippled,and person who uses a wheelchair,rather than wheelchair bound.

职场礼节美语 第45期:夏日着装

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作,他在餐厅里遇到了美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy.坐下一起吃吧!A:I'd love to.CH:最近有什么新鲜事吗?A:Well,I can tell that word got around about our being able to dress more comfortably during these hot days.CH:是啊,天太热了,公司宣布放松着装要求。你看我,就只穿了长袖衬衣,把西装和领带放在办公室里,万一要见客户再穿。A:Your dress shirt is fine,except that you are not wearing an undershirt.CH:什么?里面还要穿汗衫?那不是更热了嘛!A:Still it is necessary.When a man isn't wearing an undershirt,it is obvious and he looks unprofessional.CH:你能说说男人一定要穿汗衫的理由吗?A:For one it adds polish.Neither men nor women need to be dressed in see-through clothing in the business world.CH:上班不应该穿透心的衣服。还有呢?A:An undershirt adds a layer of protection.CH:多穿一层不是很热吗?A:It's because of the heat that you need the layer of protection.CH:我还是不明白,有什么可保护的啊?A:When you perspire,the undershirt protects the dress shirt from showing the moisture and causing stains.It also absorbs some of the odor if you perspire heavily.C:哦,我明白了,汗衫可以吸汗,这样外面就看不出来汗渍了。******陈豪第二天在办公室遇到Amy.CH:Hi Amy,我今天穿得如何?A:You mean the undershirt?CH:是啊,这回总行了吧!A:I guess I didn't explain myself completely.You are wearing a crew-neck undershirt.CH:穿高领衫难道不行吗?A:It would be fine if your shirt was buttoned at the neck,but you are wearing it open and I can see your undershirt.CH:我以前也见过别人这么穿,所以才觉得没问题的。A:People shouldn't see your undergarments.If you want to wear a shirt that is open at the collar,choose a v-neck style.CH:那好,我中午出去买两件V型领口的汗衫。A:Good idea.And while you are at it,you might want to buy some socks to match your slacks and your shoes.CH:不能穿白袜子吗?A:They don't belong at work.Socks should always match your shoes or your slacks.Besides,white socks are far too casual.CH:那我能不能不穿袜子呢?今天会计科一个新来的就没穿袜子,这样就不存在搭配的问题了。A:I suspect he will hear about that and you'll see him with socks on tomorrow.我知道了,虽然因为天气炎热,公司宣布放松着装,但还是要穿长袖衬衣,里面穿汗衫,如果不系领口,就应该穿V型领口的汗衫,不能让别人看见。谢谢你,Amy.

职场礼节美语 第44期:工作场合忌讳口香糖

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他到办公室去找美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy.几天不见,来看看你。A:That's nice of you.I'm fine.CH:你有几分钟的时间吗?A:Certainly.Have a seat,please.CH:你要不要口香糖?A:Thank you,Chen Hao,but I don't believe so.CH:这是一种新口味。我今天早上去买咖啡的时候顺便买的。A:I personally don't like chewing gum.CH:真的吗?为什么呢?A:Chewing gum is a personal preference.Where and when you chew it is NOT.I see too many people chewing gum at inappropriate times and places.CH:嚼口香糖还有规定的时间和地点吗?我不太明白你的意思。A:I'll be happy to explain what I mean later.Right now I have to prepare for a meeting.CH:那我们下班后一起走?A:OK.I'll meet you at the exit at 5:30.******两人下班后一起去地铁站。CH:Amy,你上午说嚼口香糖还有规矩?A:Yes.If you like to chew gum,that is your business,but chewing gum does not belong in the workplace.CH:为什么不?A:It is totally unprofessional anywhere in the business environment.CH:我在电脑前面工作的时候最喜欢嚼口香糖。这样可以让我放松。A:I understand,but what if the boss walks up at that moment and starts a conversation with you?CH:那我就装作嘴里没有口香糖。A:Why would you hide it if you think its okay?CH:我想老板看见我嚼口香糖,心里一定不高兴。A:See.You already know that chewing gum is not a good idea in certain professional situations.CH:可我还是不明白为什么我独自工作的时候就不能嚼口香糖。A:You never know who will walk up to your desk or call you on the phone.If you are caught smacking,it could affect your current job or the career move you had planned for.CH:影响前程?你说得太严重了吧?A:I don't think so.Chewing gum is a leisure activity at best.At its worst,it can make you look sloppy and incompetent.CH:我知道你说的有道理,可我还是觉得独自工作的时候可以嚼口香糖。A:Well good luck.If it gets to be a habit,consider this.One day you will have gum in your mouth when you walk into a meeting.I've seen it happen.CH:有过先例?那结果呢?A:The poor fellow who forgot about his gum got stuck.Every time someone asked him a question,he tried to hide his gum in his cheek.Finally he decided to swallow it.CH:我也听说过这件事,后来成了全公司的笑料。我以后一定注意,在办公室里绝不再嚼口香糖。

职场礼节美语 第43期:适度解读肢体语言

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他散会后跟同事Amy一起往外走。(Office ambience)A:CH,What happened to you during your presentation?C:你注意到什么了吗?A:You were doing a great job.You obviously had done extensive research.You had good materials.You were completely confident until half-way through.C:这么说你能看出我后半截很不自在?A:Yes.You suddenly became unsure of your self.C:唉,都是因为Mr.Stone,上个月从纽约来的副总。A:What about him?C:他根本没看我,一直在看其他文件。A:Did you try to ignore that?C:我也试着不去管他,可注意力就是集中不起来。A:Did Mr.Stone do anything else?C:他还在椅子上转来转去,不断看窗外。A:He's the key decision maker these days.C:是啊,现在公司一切都是他说了算,更糟糕的是,他刚刚让秘书通知我,要找我谈话。A:Try not to let this upset you too much until you meet with him.Let me know what happens,will you?******陈豪下午去找Amy。A:How did things go with Mr.Stone?C:完全是虚惊一场。Mr.Stone还表扬我,说我工作很有成绩。A:That's great.C:看他早上开会时的表现,难道我的担心是多余的吗?A:You were reading his body language this morning and he clearly wasn't sending a positive message.C:Body language?肢体语言?A:Words aren't the only way we communicate.We send messages with our bodies.C:那Mr.Stone的肢体语言为什么跟他的想法不一样呢?A:Perhaps he was distracted or had something else on his mind.Evidently he was listening to you,but that is not the impression you got.C:下次再遇到这种情况,我应该怎么办呢?A:Normally,you could have stopped at that point and asked for questions or opinions,specifically addressing the person who didn't seem to be involved.C:停下来征求意见和问题?可Mr.Stone是老板啊?A:In this case,you were in a tough spot since he is the vice-president.C:你别说,有了这件事,我今后肯定会特别注意自己的肢体语言。A:That's a good lesson for all of us.Too often we send nonverbal messages without being aware of how others interpret them.C:这么说来,很多误解都是在不知不觉之中产生的。A:Body language can be used to impress people or to turn them off.It is directly related to good manners if you think about it.C:肢体语言怎么会跟一个人的礼貌和修养有关系呢?A:Positive body language like giving someone your full attention and having a pleasant expression on your face are all part of showing courtesy and respect.C:注意听别人讲话本身就是对别人的尊重。

职场礼节美语 第42期:办公室交谈话题

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他在走廊上遇到同事Amy。(Office ambience)C:早上好,Amy.我刚听到一条办公室的小道消息。A:小道消息?C:是关于销售部那个金发美女Sally的。A:I know a Sally Smith in Marketing.I don't know anything about her except that she appears to be quite talented.C:我从来没有跟她共事过,听说挺能干的,不过这件事跟工作无关。A:Then why are you talking about her?C:我听说她结婚刚刚几个月,就在闹离婚了。A:I'm sorry,Chen Hao.What does this have to do with work?C:当然跟工作无关了,说说罢了。A:This is gossip.How did you come to know this?C:会计部的Tim跟Sally是朋友,他告诉了Melissa,Melissa又告诉了我。A:So,is everyone talking about this now?C:大家都在传。Amy,你干嘛那么不高兴,是因为Sally要离婚,替她觉得惋惜吗?A:No.Well,yes,I am sorry to hear that kind of news,but that is not what is bothering me.Let's talk about this over lunch.C:好,那我们中午在餐厅见。******陈豪和Amy一起吃中饭。C:Amy,你早上干嘛那么生气,是我说错话了吗?A:You got into a conversation that you shouldn't have at work.C:你什么意思,我怎么听不懂啊?A:We need to have boundaries in the office.C:Boundaries,界限?A:Yes.Boundaries or limits on what we talk about in the workplace.C:你的意思是说Sally的私事不应该拿到办公室里来说?A:Talking about Sally's private life has nothing to do with our work.Whoever started this kind of gossip overstepped the bounds of office friendship.C:我不是告诉你了吗,是Tim最早开始传的?A:If that is the case,then Sally should have been more careful about choosing her office friends and about what she confided in them.C:难道Sally也有错吗?A:We need to be careful about what we confide to our colleagues.Unless you can trust someone completely and unless you want your private life to become public,be careful what you say to whom.C:我以为同事间应该经常交流,才能有利于搞好关系啊!A:That's true.It's called"small talk."You talk about the weather,what movie you saw last night,your favorite restaurant,where you are going on vacation,but not the personal details of your life.C:可以谈天气、谈电影、谈出去渡假,就是不能谈私生活。A:Be careful about what you tell your colleagues.Those who talk to you about others will also talk to others about you.

职场礼节美语 第41期:礼貌使用电话

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他和同事Amy散会一起往外走。(Office ambience)A:Chen Hao,I can't believe what you were doing during that meeting.C:开会的时候?我没干什么啊?A:You were using your cell phone to send text messages.C:噢,不就是用手机发发短信吗,Joe就坐在我旁边,他也一直在发啊。A:He was out of line,too.It's rude to send and receive text messages during a meeting.C:今天会上说的都是Todd的项目,本来就跟我没什么关系,真不知道他干吗让我来参加。A:Even if you felt it was a waste of your time,you needed to give the meeting and everyone there your full attention.C:别人可能根本没注意到我在开小差。A:Several people were aware that you were texting and they didn't look happy about it.What if your boss had been there?Would you have done the same thing?C:如果老板在,我可不敢。A:That should tell you something.He would have called you down for that.C:好,我知道了,这样做是不太礼貌,我下次一定注意。12点了,我们去吃点东西吧。A:Ok,let's go to that little sandwich shop around the corner.******午饭时,陈豪的手机响了。C:是我的电话,对不起,Amy。Hello,Oh,hi Sue.What's up?You can't find the report?It's in a green file folder.Call me back if you don't see it.Bye.A:That was rude.C:难道我不应该接Sue的电话吗?A:It's discounting to others when you take calls and have conversations with people who are not present.C:手机不就是干这个用的吗,这样别人才能随时随地找到我啊。A:You don't have to be available every minute of every day to whoever calls.When you are in meetings or at meals with other people,you should turn off your phone or put it on silent ringer.C:照你说的,开会或是吃饭的时候关上手机,那误了电话怎么办?A:You can always check your voice mail afterwards and return calls later when you are alone.C:如果要是急事呢?A:In that case,you explain to the person or group that you are expecting an important call and ask them to excuse you to answer if it comes in.Then you go to a private location to talk.C:你是说,我应该事先告诉别人,我在等一个重要电话,然后到旁边去接。可是Amy,其他人好像并没有这么做啊。A:That doesn't mean its acceptable behavior or good manners.When you talk on the phone in front of other people,you send a message that the person you are with is not as important as the one on the phone.C:所以说,出于对别人的尊重,能不接的电话就不接,一定要接,就应该事先跟别人打个招呼。

职场礼节美语 第40期:接待贵宾

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他在走廊上遇到美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A:Good Morning Chen Hao.How are you?C:I am fine,不过,我正找你呢。我有点急事要请教你!A:What's going on?C:老板昨天晚上打电话,通知我说,总部有一个高级主管今天要到北京来,让我早上去机场接机,然后下午陪她去天津考察。A:That sounds like a good opportunity for you.I wonder what you did to be selected.C:我也不知道老板为什么让我去。不过啊,我宁可他挑的是别人。A:Why?C:我是一行人等中职务最低的一个,也不知道应该做些什么事情。A:I suggest that you clarify this with...I'm sorry,what is this woman's name?C:Ms.Rose.A:Ask Ms.Rose,when you meet,what you can do to be helpful to her?C:那你觉得她可能需要我做些什么呢?A:When a junior executive is traveling with a senior executive,the junior person generally attends to the logistical details.C:什么是Logistical方面的细节啊?A:Logistical refers to the organizational details of the trip.C:噢,Logistical就是后勤保障的意思。A:Your help may be required when you check in and out of the hotel,tipping,seeing that luggage is handled correctly and taking care of any special needs of the executive team.C:什么?饭店、小费、行李,这些都是我的事?不好不好,来不及了。我得赶紧去接Ms.Rose.我去天津之前再来请教你!A:Anytime.******陈豪中午去找Amy.A:What did you find out?C:你说的一点没错。所有杂事都归我管,包括行程、时间、账单、小费等等。A:It's your job to see that things run smoothly.Ms.Rose does not have to take her mind off business to handle any little annoyances.C:是啊,简单说,就是这样。A:I guess you are"good to go,"as Americans like to say.C:我还有个问题,你可别笑话我!我从来没坐过豪华轿车。你说,在这种情况下,我应该坐在哪个位子呢?A:The first thing to do when the limo arrives is to ask Ms.Rose,"Where do you want me to sit?"C:如果她说随便呢?A:Then as the junior executive,you take the least desirable seat.That all depends on how many people are traveling with you.C:同行的至少会有五名高级主管。A:You could well end up in the jump seat or worse,in the middle of the back seat.C:啊?看来跟上司一起出去,真不是什么好差事。A:Think of it as an opportunity.You could end up being the senior person one day.

职场礼节美语 第39期:如何做个证明人

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他在餐厅里找到美国同Amy。(Office ambience)A:Hello Chen Hao.How are you?C:还行。不过,我有点事想征求一下你的意见。A:What is it?C:你认识我们办公室的Sue吗?A:I've worked on a couple of projects with her.Why?C:我告诉你,你可得保密,Sue正在找工作。A:Why is that a problem?C:她让我做她的推荐人。A:That bothers you?C:Sue工作不是很靠谱,推荐她,那不等于说瞎话嘛!A:What did you say when she came to you?C:我没直接回答她。我说那份新工作听上去是个不错的机会,然后就假称要开会,逃掉了。A:I have a couple of suggestions for you.C:太好了,你快告诉我。我今天一天都躲躲藏藏的,生怕遇到Sue。A:Let's sit down over there.******两人坐下,边吃边聊。C:Amy,你快说说,我该怎么办。A:Sue must have some positive traits or she wouldn't be working here.C:优点肯定是有,不过我得仔细想想。A:I suggest that you make a list of her strengths.C:可她的缺点要比优点多得多。A:Try not to focus on her shortcomings,but list them out,too.You can call them areas where she needs to grow.C:需要改进的地方?那人家给我打电话,了解Sue的情况,我该怎么说呢?A:You begin by saying that she is a good team player,but could benefit from the opportunity to work independently and grow professionally.That makes you honest.C:有道理,我就说她很容易相处,但是如果有一个独立工作,需要精湛技能的机会,将对她有帮助。可是Amy,我怎么才能不去提她的缺点呢?A:Let the interviewer know that you have worked with Sue on a limited basis so you can only speak about your experience on the team.C:就说,跟Sue共事机会不多,有些情况没有发言权。Amy,我有个更简单的办法,要不我这段时间干脆不接电话了,留言也不回。A:That's cowardly.Besides it will reflect poorly on you.C:要这么说,不回电子邮件也行不通了。A:You have another choice.You can tell Sue that you aren't comfortable in giving references to her because you are afraid of saying the wrong thing.C:这样好。我就说自己英语不好,搞不好词不达意,再说错了话。A:It is difficult when a colleague who is not a good worker asks you for a reference.C:你能在重复一遍,我都有哪些选择吗?A:If you agree to be a reference,rehearse what you plan to say.Don't allow yourself to be drawn into areas where you are not comfortable.

职场礼节美语 第38期:西方婚礼习俗

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他中午吃饭在餐厅找到美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)C:Amy,能找到你,太好了。A:Will you join me?C:好啊,我正好有事问你。A:What is it?C:我有个同事两个星期后结婚。A:Where is the wedding going to be held?C:婚礼在北京举行,但是因为新郎和新娘都是美国人,所以要按美国的方式。A:How interesting!C:他们不回美国去结婚,是因为家里人想到中国来玩。A:I can't blame them for wanting to see this beautiful part of the world where their relatives live and work.C:这下我有机会体验一下美国式的婚礼了,不过我也遇到了一些问题。A:I can probably guess what some of them are.C:我记得你说过,要RSVP,就是不管能否出席,都要尽快跟人家说一声。A:So did you?C:邀请函里夹了回执卡和信封,我已经填好寄出去了。A:Sounds as if you have it all figured out,Chen Hao.CH:可我不知道应该送给他们什么礼物。******陈豪和Amy坐下边吃午饭。C:我想知道美国人结婚,一般送些什么。A:It is a tradition in change so you need to pay attention to what the bride and groom want.C:我怎么能知道新郎新娘需要什么呢?A:In today's wedding world,couples often register for gifts with an online registry.C:什么叫Online Registry?网上注册?A:It's a wedding site on the Internet.Couples use registries to indicate gifts they like or need.You just go to the site they indicate and order.C:哦,结婚的人可以上网注册,把需要的礼物列出来,供亲朋好友参考。可我怎么找到那个网站呢?A:If the bride and groom have registered,they will send you the website as part of the invitation or in a follow-up e-mail.C:邀请函上好像是有个网址,不过我当时没太注意。好,我回去先看看他们注册的礼品单子上都有些什么。A:That's the idea.C:我买好了礼物,婚礼那天一块儿带去。A:Oops.Bad idea.C:为什么?我想看着他们打开礼物时高兴的样子。A:Chen Hao,they will not open presents during the wedding ceremony or reception.C:干嘛不拆礼物?A:It is not part of the American tradition and it only complicates things.C:我不太明白。A:When the bride and groom have left the event,a family member or friend has to gather any gifts that were brought to the wedding and be responsible for keeping them for the newly-weds until they return from their honeymoon.C:那不是很麻烦吗?A:It could be a lot to manage.C:我知道了,所以最好是事先买好礼物寄过去。A:You got it!

职场礼节美语 第37期:如何抓到会议的眼球

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他开完会,跟美国同事Amy一起往外走。(Office ambience)A:You seemed uncomfortable at our meeting.Was something wrong,Chen Hao?C:我是有点不自在。你是怎么看出来的?A:I can recognize the signs when you are troubled.Why were you ill at ease?C:这次开会人太多了,很多都是其他部门的,他们根本不理我,让我觉得自己是局外人,真后悔,还不如不来呢!A:It didn't have to be that way.C:不用这样?你能不能说得具体点?A:There are plenty of things you can do in those situations to be noticed.C:怎样才能让别人注意到我呢?难道要故意把咖啡撒在身上吗?A:Not exactly.I am talking about positive ways to make an impression.If you want to get ahead in the company,people need to recognize you and know who you are.C:我本来是要自我介绍的,可我到的时候,别人已经都在聊天了。A:I saw you come in and you were one of the last to arrive.C:这有什么关系吗?我又没迟到。A:If you are one of the first to arrive,you are in position to greet other people as they come in.You can introduce yourself before they get into conversations with others.C:不管怎么说,跟素不相识的人聊天我还是觉得很别扭,不知道说什么好。A:I have a couple of suggestions.Let's talk about them after work.I need to get to my desk.******下班后。C:Amy,你快告诉我,下次开这种会,我该怎么做。A:It's not as difficult as you think,especially if you find out ahead of time who is going to be there.C:可我怎么才能知道谁来开会呢?A:A couple of ways.If the notice is sent by e-mail,the names of everyone who received the communication are usually listed.C:如果从电子邮件里看不出来呢?A:Then you pick up the phone and call the person who sent out the notice and ask who will be there.C:既然不认识人家,知道会议名单又有什么用呢?A:Once you have the names you can inquire about who they are and gather information about them.When you meet them,you'll know enough to engage them in conversation.C:好是好,提前了解一下与会者的情况,就可以找到合适的话题了。可要这么做,没有几天的时间绝对不够。A:In that case,you do what successful people do to be impressive-you look at the list of who will be at the meeting,find out something about them and then focus on at least three people you'd like to meet.C:这还比较可行。我可以挑出三个最想结识的人,开会之前着重了解一下他们的情况。

职场礼节美语 第36期:男女沟通大不同

陈豪在北京的ABC美国公司工作。他有事去找美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)A:Hi Chen Hao,how are you?C:我有个问题,要请教你。你有时间吗?A:Sure.I don't have anything on my calendar for another hour.What's the matter?C:我们正在做一个新项目,宣传最新的客户服务计划。A:That sounds like a good idea.We can always improve customer service.Why is that a problem?C:我们成立了一个小组,包括三男三女,以前互不相识,结果沟通上出现了问题,影响了项目进度。A:What kind of communication issues?C:事先声明,我可没有大男子主义,但我觉得那三个女的浪费了很多时间。A:How?C:她们喜欢谈私事。好不容易谈到主题了,她们又没完没了,直到大家都对方案满意了才肯罢休。A:It's good to be sure that you are all in accord.C:可凡事都要有节制啊。有几次我为了推动进度,打断了她们,结果她们特不高兴。A:I understand what is happening.You have a gender issue.C:什么?性别问题?A:This is going to take a bit more time to explain.Can we continue our conversation over lunch?******Amy和陈豪午饭时继续上午的话题。C:我想了一上午,怎么也想不通早上我们说的事怎么会跟性别有关。A:Remember that you started off by telling me that there were some problems in the group and you immediately zeroed in on the women.C:没错,进度慢,就是那几个女同事的责任。A:Men and women have different approaches to communication that both need to understand.C:男性和女性交流的方式,可能是不一样。我们几个男的都觉得可以行动了,但那几个女的老觉得太仓促。A:As with all conflict,you need to take time to address this.You should talk about what is happening,attempt to understand each other and resolve the issue in a cooperative manner.C:加深相互理解?那具体该怎么做呢?A:Tell the women you appreciate their opinions and expertise.Ask them to focus more on business conversation and less on personal.Next consider how you men are behaving.C:难道说我们这些男的也有做错的地方吗?A:You admitted that you interrupted in an effort to move things along.I bet that you are also trying to dominate and give the women as little chance as possible to speak up.C:我承认,我们确实有控制会议之嫌。一般情况下,听完她们的意见,我们就不再去看她们,生怕她们没完没了地说下去。A:To avoid additional strife and accommodate each other,you need to stop interrupting and trying to dominate.C:我知道了,男性希望马上找到解决问题的办法,而女性喜欢先花时间,建立关系,因此双方就会出现矛盾。