What happened?

  The baby-sitter called.

  His daughter is sick.

  What's wrong?

  I think she has a stomachache.

  He's a good father.

  So...what do you think of him?

  He's very nice.

  But I think he was nervous tonight.

  It was his first date in two years.

  Will you see him again?

  I hope so.

  This food is delicious.

  He didn't get a thing to eat.

  You ordered enough for three or four people,

  but I'm not complaining.

  The food is delicious.

  Who is that?

  Do you think it's...

  No.You won't believe it,Marilyn!

  I believe it.Even without looking.



  Your downstairs neighbor let me in.

  Did you go home?

  I did,but everything is OK,

  so I decided to come back.

  To apologize for leaving so early,

  I brought you a little gift.

  It's a bonsai tree

  for your new apartment.

  Hi,Marilyn.I hope it's not too late.

  Oh,not at all.We're still eating.

  Please,come in.Join us.

  It's our meal from the restaurant.

  And how is your daughter?

  Oh,she's fine.

  It was only a tummy ache.

  It's good that you went back.

  Yes,I think it's important for me to be there

  since her mother died.

  I agree.Aren't you hungry?

  As a matter of fact...I am hungry.

  There's lots of food left.

  Mmm,this is delicious!


  I'm going to excuse myself.

  I have a lot of work to do to get ready for tomorrow.

  Good night,Harry.It was nice meeting you.


  Good night,Susan.

  Good night,Marilyn.

  She's going to a fashion show here in the city tomorrow.

  She is sleeping here

  so she won't have to travel from Riverdale in the morning.

  You two must be close.

  we are.

  The whole Stewart family is close.

  I like that.

  And then,two years ago,my wife died.

  You miss her.

  I do...yes,but I have Michelle...

  and with time...

  Is there anyone else in your life?

  No,not yet.What about you?

  Oh,I date occasionally,

  but my work keeps me busy.

  Ooh,speaking of keeping busy-

  I have an early start tomorrow,

  and the baby-sitter has to get home.

  Where did the time go?

  It's midnight.

  Thank you,Susan.

  I had a nice evening.




  I'd like to meet your daughter someday.

  Does that mean that I can see you again?

  Of course.

  Wonderful.I'll call you,

  and we'll go out to dinner.

  Please do.

  I promise I won't leave early.

  It was for a good reason.

  You know something?


  I think we're going to be good friends.

  Good night,Susan.

  Good night,Harry,

  Have a safe trip home.

  Are you all right?


  I never liked that umbrella stand.

  Good night,Harry.


  What happened?怎么了?Marilyn对Susan一个人回来感到惊奇,她下面还问了几句话。

  What do you think of him?你觉得他怎么样?Marilyn实际想知道Susan是否喜欢Harry。

  nervous:not calm and slightly afraid.紧张的。

  I hope so.=I hope to see him again.我希望还能与他约会。

  delicious:pleasing to the taste.可口的,美味的。

  He didn't get a thing to eat.=He didn't eat anything.他什么也没吃。

  I'm not complaining.=It's not a problem for me.我不在意。这句话常在非正式场合使用。

  knock:the sound of ablow on the door.敲门声。

  Do you think it's…=Do you think it's Harry?会不会是Harry?Marilyn期待着Susan来回答。

  peephole:a small hole in a door through which one can look through.窥孔,门镜。

  You won't believe it.=You can't imagine it.你简直无法相信。表示Susan很感惊讶!

  How…?这句话实际上要问:How did you go inside the building?Harry明白Susan要问什么,所以没等Susan说完,他已回答了。

  apologize:to say that one feels sorry.道歉。

  bonsai tree:a tree in a pot that has been prevented from growing large.盆栽,盆景。

  tummy:stomach.肚子。This is an informal word.Children often say tummy instead of stomach.“肚子”一词的非正式用法,儿童常用。

  Aren't you hungry?=You must be hungry.你一定饿了吧?

  As a matter of fact…=It's true…事实上。

  Mmm,this is delicious!嗯!很好吃。Marilyn也讲过此话。除去Harry因为很饿的原因外,人们一般在被邀请吃东西时,都表示喜欢或好吃。

  I'm going to excuse myself.=Sorry,I have to leave.抱歉,我失陪了。Marilyn想让Susan和Harry有单独交谈的机会。

  fashion show:时装表演。

  close:very friendly with each other.亲密的,关系好的。

  and with time…=as time goes by.随着时间的流逝(我不很伤心了)。

  Is there anyone else in your life?=Do you have a special woman or girlfriend in your life?你生活中还有别的女人吗?

  What about you?=Do you have a special man or boy friend in your life?你呢?有没有男朋友?(这句话通常用来反问对方。)

  occasionally:sometimes,not often.偶尔。

  speaking of:提到。Use this expression to change the subject in a conversation.用以转换话题的惯用语。

  Where did the time go?=The time passed very quickly.时间过得真快。

  midnight:twelve o'clock at night.午夜,晚上十二点。

  I'd like to meet your daughter someday.我希望有一天能见见你的女儿。Susan讲这句话的真正目的,是给Harry一个暗示。所以Harry马上就问

  Does that mean that I can see you again?这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?

  It was for a good reason.=You had a good reason to have left early.你早走是有原因的

  You know something?=Do you know something?你知道吗?意思为:我想告诉你一件事。

  going to:将会。Harry念成gonna,这是表示将来式的非正式念法。

  Have a safe trip home.一路平安,走好。意思是:再见。

  Have a safe trip home.一路平安,走好。意思是:再见。

  I never liked that umbrella stand.我一直不大喜欢那个伞架。如果有人不小心碰倒或摔坏了我们的东西,我们常讲:I never liked it或I never liked it anyway.为的是让对方不感到太尴尬。如果客人吃饭时摔了盘子,我们可以说:I never liked that dish anyway。


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随着英语应用越来越广泛,对于很多职场人士来说,商务英语在工作中必须是每个上班族必备的一项技能,而不少上班族英语不好,甚至是英语都快忘的差不多了,会寻找英语培训机构提升英语水平,那么,上海英语培训哪家好?哪家性价比更高?这是大家比较关心的问题。这里推荐一家全网性价比非常高的英语口语培训机构,**英语,现在就可以预约免费试听课:http://www.leading-english.com/guestbook.html 在这么多的英语培训机构中,上海英语培训哪家好?小编在这里列举一家我上过的英语培训机构**英语,给大家举例一下,为什么**英语这家培训机构比较好。1. 培训课程比较全面,我记得我当时在**英语学习的时候,学习的是商务英语,后来我才发现,阿卡索的培训课程非常的全面,包含成人英语,商务应试英语,医学英语等,只要是想去学习英语,**英语都可以满足学员的学习需求。2. 教师质量比较优秀,我相信每个想去学习英语的学员,都希望自己的教师质量比较优秀,**英语对教师的质量要求非常的严格,每位教师都拥有相关的证书,而且还至少有3年以上的教学经验,教导我的教师,就有4年以上的教学经验,教师的质量非常的好。3. 上课自由方便,学习高效,除了自由方便上课之外,还可以邀请老师上门来教自己,这点也是非常方便的,能够节省路上不少的时间。4. 学习价格非常的优惠,这个也是**英语一大非常不错的优势,我咨询了上海好几家英语培训机构,价格真的非常的贵,一年的学习费用都是好几万,而**英语一年的学习费用可以说是全网性价比**的了,真的,性价比非常的高。5. 口碑评价好,口碑和评价非常的能够衡量一家英语培训机构的好坏,大家再找一家英语培训机构的时候,也可以看看培训机构的评价,不过我看到很多的网友和学员评价**英语的学习效果比较好,性价比很高,不过当我去学习了以后,我才发现,**英语真的是说的那样好。上海英语培训机构哪家好?我觉得**英语好的原因就是以上几个方面,大家在选择英语培训机构的时候,也可以用上面这些去寻找一家比较好的英语培训机构!


上海英语培训机构太多了,各种机构多不胜数。如果想要在上海找英语口语培训机构的话,可以优先考虑到一些口碑不错的,这样效果也有保障。而且还可以根据自己的各种要求匹配到适合自己情况的老师,省去了自己从茫茫人海中寻找的过程。这里推荐一家已经有10000+学员毕业的英语口语培训机构,**英语,现在就可以预约免费试听课:http://www.leading-english.com/guestbook.html 书到用时方恨少,出了学校才知道,英语是多么重要,只恨自己当初没有好好学习英语,现在想好好学习英语,但又无从下手!这恐怕是大多数人的心声吧!小编觉得要想找个真正适合自己的英语口语机构,一定要花功夫。每个培训班都有各自的特点,培训的模式也不尽相同。**英语就是一个非常值得选择。选择上海英语口语培训机构,先了解清楚英语培训机构的师资水平。经验丰富的教师往往能够起到事半功倍的效果,而且还会产生浓厚的学习兴趣。在英语口语培训过程中,还可以看教师的资历和教学水平,以及教师的上课风格。看看是否真的适合自己,毕竟关系着自己的切身利益,所以这些关键性的因素是一定不能够忽略的。参考课程水平,也是选择中不容忽视的一步。以**英语为例,这家英语口语培训机构具备多个课程体系,从入门级到专家级等多个级别,能够帮助学员清晰定位自己的语言水平,在口语培训的过程中量化学员的成长进程;**英语培训课程更细分有:出国考试、商务&职场英语、口语专项进阶、综合英语等多个配套板块,致力于满足学员不同层次,不同维度的学习需求,针对特别学员,可进行私人定制课程,提供个性化教学。对于一个培训机构而言,在课程上的要求就是体系完善,因为每一个人的英语水平情况可能不同,具体问题具体分析,这样才会抓住主要矛盾,从而使得学生获得高效的提升。上海英语口语培训,还要考虑到性价比。英语口语培训班的收费基本上都是相对的,可以根据自己的学习方式、课程规划和费用预算来选择英语培训方式和课程,考虑好性价比才是比较稳妥的。而想要选择一对一的培训方式的话,相对于小班来说的话,课程费用会贵一些,而现在全网性价比很高的当属**英语,收费还是非常便已的,可以作为学口语的首要选择。上海英语口语机构哪家好?效果好吗?不如选择**英语,**英语除了上课灵活自由外,培训效果也非常不错,许许多多的职场人士都愿意到**英语学习英语口语。


上海哪里学口语好?哪家比较好呢?听到过很多学员聊学口语的目的,其中大部分都与职场有关,当然了,还有很多妈妈们也在努力学英语,然而却不知道上海哪里学口语好?其实找一个靠谱的上海英语口语培训机构最重要的就是老师了,其次才是环境和性价比。推荐一家不错的英语培训机构,**英语,针对性强,效果好,性价比高,是提升口语**的地方,还有免费的预约试听链接:http://www.leading-english.com/guestbook.html 一个教师水平的高低直接影响着一个学员的学习效果,一个好的英语培训机构,一定是在教师的筛选上有着严格的标准,至少老师有着高学历,有着丰富的从教经历,在英语教学上比较专业,而且能够充分调动学员的学习兴趣。性价比也是一个非常重要的参考因素,无论是购买任何东西,都或多或少的考虑到一个商品的价格,从这里说性价比的话,就是要考虑到英语培训的课程数量、英语培训教师的资历、培训过程中的服务体验、培训课程的质量等等是否与价格匹配,当然,性价比必须要有一定的参考对象,所以就可以多找几家英语培训机构,以同一价格层面去对比其他方面。这里一定要注意是在同一个价格层面,因为一旦价格不同,其他条件肯定是会有所不同的,那样也没有可比性。学英语口语,尤其是想要在短时间内快速提升英语口语水平的人来说,最忌讳的就是胡子眉毛一把抓。**英语会针对每一个学员在水平测试后的结果,定位学员当前的英语水平,然后再从**英语的课程分级体系中挑选出适合学员的培训方案,也就是说,**英语会为每一个学员量身定制专业的培训课程,从而让学员得到更大的提升。而学员在选择培训教师的时候,也是可以根据自己的喜好选择,这样学起英语来兴致也会更高,学习的效率也会得到更大的改善。上海口语培训哪家好?上海口语学习找哪家?不妨通过试听来进一步了解一下,说不定还能极大激发自己的英语学习兴趣。




上海英语培训机构哪些更好?现在像上海这样的一线城市,英语培训机构也是五花八门层出不穷,大家经常在寻找上海英语培训机构的时候不知道怎样去寻找,也不知道有哪些比较好的上海英语培训机构,下面小编就和大家一起分享一下这个问题。上海英语培训机构哪些更好?在我身边有很多想学英语的朋友,都会选择报一家英语培训机构,在这个时候他们往往都是冲着哪些名气较大的、离家较近挑选,往往忽略了货比三家的重要性,那么我们怎样去比较呢?1.网友和学员评价,当想去一家培训机构的时候,不知道这家上海英语培训机构怎么样,**的方法就是要去了解一下这家英语培训机构的评价和口碑。可以从网站上,也可以从身边的朋友那里打听一下,如果这家上海英语培训机构真的不错的话,相信身边总会有一些了解的。2.教师力量,学习英语当然会对教师的质量有所要求,在选择的时候,多去了解几家培训机构的师资情况。当然了,最重要的是亲自到店试听一下,毕竟只有真正的感受过了,才知道老师是不是真的适合自己,也可以了解到这家上海英语培训机构的环境等。3.培训价格,培训价格也是选择英语培训机构很重要的一个方面,在选择的时候可以去比较一下,看看哪家的培训机构性价比比较高,适合自己学习。4.服务质量,在咨询培训机构的时候,一定要去了解一下培训机构的服务质量怎么样?能不能更换教师或者是退款。上面这几点使我们在选择英语培训机构中一定要去了解的一些情况,在选择的时候可以从上面这些方面进行比较。小编在这里推荐一家不错的上海英语培训机构,**英语,摘了一些学员的真实评价,给大家做参考。**英语环境很不错,老师讲课也很详细,接待我的老师也很好,安排了一小时的口语测试,能感觉到很专业,考虑到这里上课体验性价比都不错,老师的上课方式也比较喜欢,所以就选择这里,课程顾问帮我规划好的课程也比较合理,真的很用心,让我觉得很安心。上课的时候对我会出现的错误进行矫正和指导,然后发到邮箱里,感觉自己进步很大,加油。离家很近的一家英语培训机构,报名了口语课程,lee老师授课方式很平易近人。经常会用很日常简单的语句,使你克服英语沟通上的障碍。总体而言,还是很推荐大家的~性价比很高~课程时间安排灵活,教室也很nice. Mr.Lee上课风趣幽默,教的句式地道日常,不会提前下课上足课时。三个月下来口语有提升,开口有话说有套路......



  英语商业信函怎么写?格式和写作技巧都在这里了。  写一封英语商业信函  Writing a English Business Letter  商业信函这个词让一些人紧张。许多英语作为第二语言的人担心他们的写作在商业写作方面不够先进。不是这种情况。商业上有效的信件使用简短的句子和简单的词汇表。一封信越容易阅读,越好。您将需要使用平滑过渡,以便您的句子不会显得过于波涛汹涌。  The term Eglish business letter makes some people nervous.Many people with English as a second language worry that their writing is not advanced enough for business writing.This is not the case.An effective letter in business uses short,simple sentences and straightforward vocabulary.The easier a letter is to read,the better.You will need to use smooth transitions so that your sentences do not appear too choppy.  招呼  Salutation  首先,确保你正确拼写收件人的姓名。您还应该确认性别和正确的标题。女士使用女士,男士使用先生。如果你100%确定女人结婚,请使用Mrs.在不那么正式的情况下,或者在长时间的通信之后,用他或她的名字来对待一个人可能是可以接受的。当你不知道一个人的名字并且找不到这些信息时,你可能会写上“可能关注的人”。在称呼后使用逗号(北美冒号)是标准的。也可以根本不使用标点符号。以下是解决收件人的一些常见方法:  First and foremost,make sure that you spell the recipient's name correctly.You should also confirm the gender and proper title.Use Ms.for women and Mr.for men.Use Mrs.if you are 100%sure that a woman is married.Under less formal circumstances,or after a long period of correspondence it may be acceptable to address a person by his or her first name.When you don't know the name of a person and cannot find this information out you may write,"To Whom It May Concern".It is standard to use a comma(colon in North America)after the salutation.It is also possible to use no punctuation mark at all.Here are some common ways to address the recipient:  亲爱的鲍威尔先生,  Dear Mr Powell,  亲爱的Mackenzie女士,  Dear Ms Mackenzie,  亲爱的弗雷德里克汉森:  Dear Frederick Hanson:  亲爱的总编辑:  Dear Editor-in-Chief:  尊敬的客户  Dear Valued Customer  亲爱的先生或女士:  Dear Sir or Madam:  尊敬的女士  Dear Madam  亲爱的先生,  Dear Sir,  敬启者  Dear Sirs  先生们:  Gentlemen:  第一段  First paragraph  在大多数类型的商业信函中,通常在信的第一句中使用友好的问候语。这里有些例子:  In most types of business letter it is common to use a friendly greeting in the first sentence of the letter.Here are some examples:  我希望你享受美好的夏天。  I hope you are enjoying a fine summer.  谢谢你1月5日的亲切信。  Thank you for your kind letter of January 5th.  今天我在The Star上看到了您的公司的广告。  I came across an ad for your company in The Star today.  很高兴在本月的会议上与你见面。  It was a pleasure meeting you at the conference this month.  感谢您耐心等待回复。  I appreciate your patience in waiting for a response.  在你短暂的开场之后,用一两句话说明你的信的要点:  我正在写信询问...  I'm writing to enquire about...  我对公司网站上发布的职位空缺感兴趣。  I'm interested in the job opening posted on your company website.  我们想邀请你参加4月5日的会员午餐会。  We'd like to invite you to a members only luncheon on April 5th.  第二和第三段  Second and third paragraphs  用几段简短的话来详细说明你的主要观点。如果你需要一个段落,就不要再写一个段落来让你的信件看起来更长。如果您包含敏感材料,例如拒绝要约或通知员工裁员期,请在第二段中嵌入此句,而不是用它打开。这里有一些常见的方式来表达不愉快的事实:  Use a few short paragraphs to go into greater detail about your main point.If one paragraph is all you need,don't write an extra paragraph just to make your letter look longer.If you are including sensitive material,such as rejecting an offer or informing an employee of a layoff period,embed this sentence in the second paragraph rather than opening with it.Here are some common ways to express unpleasant facts:  我们很遗憾地通知你...  We regret to inform you...  我们非常悲伤...  It is with great sadness that we...  经过慎重考虑,我们决定......  After careful consideration we have decided...  最后一段  Final paragraph  您的最后一段应包括关于附件的要求,提醒和说明。如有必要,您的联系信息也应包含在本段中。以下是关闭商业信函时使用的一些常用词组:  Your last paragraph should include requests,reminders,and notes on enclosures.If necessary,your contact information should also be in this paragraph.Here are some common phrases used when closing a business letter:  我很期待...  I look forward to...  请尽早回复。  Please respond at your earliest convenience.  我还应该提醒你,下一次董事会会议是在2月5日。  I should also remind you that the next board meeting is on February 5th.  有关详细信息...  For further details...  如果您需要更多信息...  If you require more information...  感谢您考虑到这一点。  Thank you for taking this into consideration.  我很感激你可能有的任何反馈。  Thank you for taking this into consideration.  随函附上你会发现...  I appreciate any feedback you may have.  随时通过电话或电子邮件与我联系。  Enclosed you will find...  闭幕  Closing  以下是一些关闭信件的常用方法。在关闭和手写名称之间使用逗号(或在电子邮件中键入)。如果您在称呼中不使用逗号或冒号,请在结尾短语后面加逗号:  Here are some common ways to close a letter.Use a comma between the closing and your handwritten name(or typed in an email).If you do not use a comma or colon in your salutation,leave out the comma after the closing phrase:  敬上,  Yours truly,  此致,  Yours sincerely,  此致  Sincerely,  您忠诚的  Sincerely yours  谢谢,  Thank you,  **的祝愿  Best wishes  祝一切顺利,  All the best,  祝你好运  Best of luck  温暖的问候,  Warm regards,  写作技巧  Writing Tips  使用会话语气。  Use a conversational tone.  询问直接问题。  Ask direct questions.  仔细检查性别和拼写名称。  Double-check gender and spelling of names.  尽可能使用主动语态。  Use active voice whenever possible.  使用礼貌模态(会赞成的意志)。  Use polite modals(would in favour of will).  始终将自己称为“我”。  Always refer to yourself as"I".  不要使用“我们”,除非明确指出代名词是谁。  Don't use"we"unless it is clear exactly who the pronoun refers to.  重写任何听起来含糊不清的句子或请求。  Rewrite any sentence or request that sounds vague.  不要忘记包含日期。日-月-年在许多国家是常规的;然而,为了避免混淆,写出月份而不是使用数字(例如2007年7月5日)  Don't forget to include the date.Day-Month-Year is conventional in many countries;however,to avoid confusion,write out the month instead of using numbers(e.g.July 5th,2007)  更多精彩内容,点击英语小笑话和商务英语培训了解更多。

  出国旅游和留学,在乘坐出租车的时候,你会会和司机聊天吗?都聊什么呢?或者遇到外国乘客要怎么打招呼呢?快来一起看看出租车司机常用英语(带情景对话),都在这里了。  示例短语  Example Phrases  出租车司机可以使用说英语的乘客使用的短语。  Phrases that taxi drivers can use with English-speaking passengers.  欢迎  Welcome  你好  Hi/Hello  早上好  Good morning  下午好  Good afternoon  晚上好  Good evening  你今天好吗?  How are you today?  你好。我可以乘坐4名乘客。  Hi.I can take 4 passengers.  目的地  Destination  我可以带你去哪里?  Where can I take you?  你要去哪里?  Where are you going?  你的目的地是什么?  What's your destination?  我不知道那个地方。你有地图吗?  I don't know that place.Do you have a map?  你能在这张地图上看到我吗?  Can you show me on this map?  你是否急着?  Are you in a hurry?  它非常接近。  It is very close.  它相当遥远。  It is pretty far away.  这将需要大约15分钟。  It will take about 15 minutes.  大约需要一个小时才能到达。  It takes about one hour to get there.  乘高速公路更快,但你必须支付费用。  It is faster to take the expressway but you have to pay the toll.  了解乘客  Understanding the passenger  请你说慢点。  Speak slowly,please.  对不起,我不明白。  Sorry,I don't understand.  是的我明白。我会带你去那。  Yes,I understand.I'll take you there.  没问题。  No problem.  特别指示/要求  Special instructions/requests  我会把你的行李放在靴子/后备箱里。  I'll put your luggage in the boot/trunk.  请戴上安全带。  Put on your seat belt,please.  如果我打开窗户可以吗?  Is it okay if I open a window?  空调好吗?  Is the air-conditioning okay?  请不要在车上吃东西。  Please don't eat in the car.  请不要吸烟。  No smoking,please.  你想让我等吗?  Do you want me to wait?  我必须得到一些气体。  I have to get some gas.  交通状况  Traffic conditions  这是高峰时间。  It's rush hour.  有堵车。  There's a traffic jam.  那边的交通很糟糕。如果你从这里走,你会更快到达那里。  The traffic is bad over there.You'll get there faster if you walk from here.  我认为出现了意外。  I think there's been an accident.  我会尝试一种不同的方式。  I'll try a different way.  票价和费用  Fare and fees  总价格为10美元。  The total price is$10.  谢谢你的提示。  Thank you for the tip.  你有小笔记/账单吗?  Do you have smaller notes/bills?  我没有任何改变。  I don't have any change.  客户支付高速公路,好吗?  The customer pays for the expressway,OK?  你匆忙?走高速公路?  You in a hurry?Take the expressway?  有一个收费公路收费。你付这笔费用,好吗?  There is a tollway fee.You pay the fee,ok?  再见  Goodbye  出门前注意摩托车!  Watch out for motorcycles before getting out!  不要忘记你的东西。  Don't forget your things.  感谢您的服务。  Thank you for your business.  希望能再次见到你。  Hope to see you again.  很高兴和你聊天。  It's been nice chatting with you.  享受您在中国等的逗留时间  Enjoy your stay in China/etc.  别客气。  You're welcome.  没有这个服务  No service  对不起,这是超出我的界限。  Sorry,that is out of my boundaries.  我不能去那里。我不得不没有票价回来。  I can't go there.I would have to come back without a fare.  对不起,我不去机场。  Sorry,I don't go to the airport.  我全部都是白天晚上完成的。  I'm all done for the day/night.  我必须按时归还汽车。  I have to return the car on time.  我的车需要维修。  My car needs servicing.  对不起。祝你今天愉快。  I'm sorry.Have a nice day.  我可以给你打电话给另一位司机/公司。  I can call another driver/company for you.  短暂聊天  Small talk  你有没有来过这里?  Have you been here before?  你来自这里吗?  Are you from around here?  你喜欢曼谷/北京/等吗?  How do you like Bangkok/Beijing/etc?  你来这里是出差?  Are you here on business?  你呆久了吗?  Are you staying long?  天气好,是吧?不要太热,不要太冷。  Good weather,huh?Not too hot,not too cold.  我希望天气变得更好。  I hope the weather gets better for you.  乘客可以说的事情  Things a passenger could say  我可以搭车吗?  Can I get a ride?  你能容纳多少人?  How many people can you fit?  这需要多长时间?  How long will it take?  请等等我。  Please wait for me.  您可以保持仪表运行。  You can keep the meter running.  你有机场固定费用吗?  Do you have a flat fee to the airport?  我有点匆忙。  I'm in a bit of a rush.  我们可以在十点/中午/下午四点到达吗?  Can we get there by 10 o'clock/noon/4pm/etc?  你能放慢速度吗?  Could you slow down,please?  这是最快的方法吗?  Is this the quickest way?  你有信用卡吗?  Do you take credit cards?  你有变化吗?  Do you have change?  不用找了。  Keep the change.  感谢您的搭乘/升降机。  Thanks for the ride/lift.  示例对话  Sample Conversation  阅读出租车司机和乘客之间的对话。然后做测试来检查你的理解。  Read this conversation between a taxi driver and passenger.Then do the test to check your understanding.  出租车司机:嗨。你要去哪里?  Taxi driver:Hi.Where are you going?  乘客:请到火车站。  Passenger:To the train station,please.  出租车司机:我可以把你的行李放在行李箱里吗?  Taxi driver:Shall I put your bag in the trunk?  乘客:不,谢谢。我会随身携带。需要多长时间到车站?  Passenger:No thanks.I'll keep it with me.How long will it take to the station?  出租车司机:大约30分钟。你很急吗?  Taxi driver:About 30 minutes.Are you in a hurry?  乘客:是的,我有点晚了。  Passenger:Yes,I'm a bit late.  出租车司机:我们可以走高速公路。有额外的费用,好吗?  Taxi driver:We can take the expressway.There's an extra charge,okay?  乘客:没关系,谢谢。  Passenger:That's okay,thanks.  出租车司机:请系好安全带。  Taxi driver:Fasten your seatbelt,please.  乘客:好的。  Passenger:Okay.  出租车司机:这是高速公路。我可以有3美元的费用吗?  Taxi driver:Here's the expressway.Can I have$3 for the fee?  乘客:在这里。  Passenger:Here you are.  出租车司机:你在火车站赶火车吗?  Taxi driver:Are you catching a train at the station?  乘客:是的,我要去海滩见一些朋友。  Passenger:Yes,I'm going to the beach to meet some friends.  出租车司机:好的。这是车站。  Taxi driver:Okay.Here is the station.  乘客:谢谢。这个多少钱?  Passenger:Thank you.How much is it?  出租车司机:55美元。  Taxi driver:$55.  乘客:这是$60。不用找了。  Passenger:Here's$60.Keep the change.  出租车司机:谢谢。不要忘记你的东西。  Taxi driver:Thanks.Don't forget your things.  乘客:好的。再见。祝你有美好的一天!  Passenger:Okay.Bye.Have a good day!  更多精彩内容,点击简单的英语小笑话了解更多。

  英语写作是各类英语考试中得分较低的一种题型,究其原因,除了平时缺少练习写作之外,同学们还缺乏英语写作得分技巧。同学们需要掌握一定的英语写作模板和熟悉大量的话题作文,纯模板会很僵化缺乏弹性,而话题作文可以更好的拓展思维,小编整理了英语写作范文三篇,一起来看看吧。  首先来说说英语作文写作技巧,首先,审题,条理清楚,保证不跑提示写作当中第一任务,第二个重要任务就是要做到条理清楚。对于议论文来说,正反面要清楚,对于说明文来说条理要清楚,对于描述文来说,谁干什么要清楚。写主题句,主题句是确保不跑题的前提,只有不跑题才有可得及格分。写主题句嘴保险的方法就是把中文提纲的各句译成英语。  问题阐述,适当用被动替换主动,这样能更客观地反映事实。一句话用不同的句式来表达,为了加强同学们对语法知识在写作中的灵活应用,尽量复杂作文中的句式,长句采用的特殊语法包括:宾语从句+分词结构做插入语+分词作后置定语(issued)+被动语态+原因短语+定语从句。  英语写作范文-Beijing is changing  Every body knows that Beijing is changing.From buildings to the public transportation,everything is changing.And Beijing is becoming better and better.Last year,Beijing has hold the 2008 Olympic Games successfully and has become the focus of the world.  Beijing change is inevitable1,because China is developing,and the world is developing.  The better Beijing changes,the better china changes.Yesterday,the president of U.S.A has come to visit Beijing,that means Beijing has is developed better than before.If one day I have a chance,I will develop Beijing to be the best city in the world!  英语写作范文-Earthquake love Thanksgiving  Human love,love compatriots,and in a race against time.We believe that life can not be separated by mountains and rivers of love,can not be buried ruins of the love of life,heavy rain pouring on the life of the immortal1 love,dark clouds overhead2 can not be the love of life.  When disaster comes,we can not avoid,we can do only with strong and smiles to the world that we are strong,no difficulty can make us lose the hope of Health.  人性之爱,同胞之爱,在和时间赛跑。我们相信,山川阻隔不了对生命的爱,废墟掩埋不了对生命的爱,暴雨浇不灭对生命的爱,乌云遮蔽不了对生命的爱。  当灾难来临时,我们不能逃避,我们能做的只有用坚强和微笑去向世人证明,我们是坚强的,任何困难都不能使我们失去生的希望。  英语写作范文-感恩父亲  Dear Dad:  You have worked hard!  In the past,I am always afraid to you and positive dialogue.Every time something was always afraid to tell you.Because when you face the total serious.Today to take this opportunity to say something to you whispering.Xiao network composition  Dad,every weekend,I was always the time you have to close the arrangement.Mathematical Olympiad morning composition class in the afternoon there are English classes in Cambridge.I would like to be able to dominate his time,eager to recognize friends,community awareness1.  In addition,the father,you will recall that I am sick of it?That,when they travel to swim because a lot of times,the sublingual gland2,where a number of issues,the doctors said an operation to be cured.  After the surgery,you work hard day and night for me,I'm hungry,you always give me to bring food from home;in my sleep,you always watch my side,I fear what Thing;in my heart the cried,you always comfort and uncle along with me,encouraged me;at a time when I eat,you always looked at me quietly aside.But I know where you are busy at the time that I look at the ah!You can even to me,but gave up in the hands of a large business!I do,when the test of time is not actively3 cooperate so that you are concerned,here,an son tell you I am sorry.  Heart of Thanksgiving,thanks to his father.Dad,this time in the mid-term exam,I did not enter the top ten.Well,I love you:I have to eat what you do to me;stationery4 to what you told me to buy.No matter what I want,as long as you can buy it,it would definitely be available,and then I gave.  This is what the world can pay off,in addition to Parents.  Sincerely:  Good health  Smooth  Your son:Yi Xin-yuan  2008-11-8

  去美国旅游,或出国旅游,英语不精没关系,词汇量不多也没关系,但有一些实用的口语一定要学会哟,小编总结了一些美国旅游常用英语,快来一起背下来吧。  1.游客问讯用语  Where is the tourist information centre?请问旅游问讯处在哪里?  Is there an airport bus to the city?这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?巴士车站在哪里?  How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱?  How can I get to Hilton hotel?去希尔顿酒店怎么走?  May I have a city map?请给我一张市区地图?  Can I reserve a hotel here?我可以在这里预订酒店吗?  How much is it?多少钱?  Keep the change,please不用找钱了  Take me to this address,please请拉我去这个地址  How long does it take to go to the city centre?到市中心需要多长时间?  Stop here,please请停下来。  What time does it leave?几点发车?  Where can I get a ticket?在哪里卖票?  Could you tell me when we get there?请问几点能够到达那里。  2.餐馆用语  Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?你能推荐附近的一个好点的餐馆吗?  I’d like a restaurant not too expensive我想找一个不是很贵的餐馆  I’d like a quiet restaurant.我想要一个安静的餐馆  I’d like a restaurant with a cheerful atmosphere我想要一个有着愉快气氛的餐馆  Could you recommend that kind of restaurant?你能推荐几个餐馆吗?  Where is main area for restaurants?餐馆主要集中在什么地方?  Is there a Chinese restaurant around here?这附近有中国餐馆吗?  Are there any inexpensive restaurants near here?这附近有高档餐馆吗?  Do you know of any restaurant open now?你知道有现在开门的餐馆吗?  I’d like to have some local food.我想吃些当地食品  Where is the nearest Italian restaurant?哪有最近的意大利餐馆  Do I need a reservation?我需要预订吗?  Could you make a reservation for me?你能帮我预订一下吗?  I’d like to reserve a table for three我想订3人的桌子  We are a group of six我们6个人一组  We’d like to have a table tighter我们想并桌  We’ll come at eight o’clock我们8点到  What time can we reserve a table?什么时候我们可以订桌?  How late is it open?开门最晚到几点?  How can I get there?我怎么到那里  Hello.This is ABC restaurant.你好,这里是ABC餐馆  I’d like to reserve a table for two at seven tonight.我想在7点订个2人桌  I am sorry.We have so many guests this evening.很抱歉,今晚客人太多拉  How long is the wait?需要等多长时间?  We can wait till late hours我们可以等的晚些  Nine o’clock should be ok 9点可以  Could we have a table on the garden?我们可以要张在园子里的桌子吗?  It’s ok.Your name,please没问题,姓名?  What do you have for today’s special?你们今天有特价吗?  Do you have a dress code?你有衣服编号吗?  Should I dress a coat and tie?我需要系领带吗?  Should the ladies wear formal dresses?女士需要穿正式服装吗  No jeans,please请不要穿牛仔裤  I’m sorry,but I want to cancel my reservation.对不起,我要取消预订  Do you have a table for three?你有3人的桌子吗?  Can we have a table in the corner?我们可以要张角落的桌子吗?  I’d like a table by the window我想要张靠窗的桌子  Please wait to be seated请等候如座  Good evening.Do you have a table for two?晚上好,有两人的桌子吗?  Sure,this way,please当然,这边请  Our tables are full now.Could you wait for a while?我们坐满拉,请等一下  I guess we can offer a table in 30 minutes.我想30分钟后会有空位  All right.We’ll wait好,我们等会  May I have a menu,please?我可以看看菜单吗?  Do you have a menu in Chinese?你有中文菜单吗?  Would you like something to drink before dinner?饭前想喝些什么吗?  What kind of drinks do you have for aperitif?想喝什么样的开胃酒?  Do you have some local beer?你有当地啤酒吗?  May I have another one?能给我另一个吗?  May I see the wine list?我可以看看酒单吗?  May I order a glass of wine?可以给我一杯葡萄酒吗?  What kind of wine do you have?你想要什么样的葡萄酒  I’d like to have some local wine.我想要当地的葡萄酒  I’d like to have French red wine我想要法国红酒  Could you recommend some good wine?你能给我推荐些葡萄酒吗?  May I order,please?我可以订了吗?  Can we have separate checks?我们可以分开付帐吗?  What is the specialty of the house?有什么特别料理吗?  Do you have today’s special?有今天的特价吗  I’d like to have something special.我想要一些特别的  Do you have local dishes?你有当地菜吗?  What do you recommend?你有什么推荐?  Do you have anything ready quickly?有没有快点的菜  Can I have the same dish as that?我可以要和那个一样的菜吗?  I’ll have it就是它了  I’ll have whatever you recommend.就要你推荐的  I’d like appetizers and meat(fish)dish.我要开胃菜和肉(鱼)类  I’d like to have dinner for less than 30 dollars including drinks.我想要30圆以下包括酒水的  Can I have it right away?我可以现在就要吗?  What is this?这是什么?  What kind of dish is this?这是什么菜?  I’d like this这个不错  I’m on a diet我正在减肥  I have to avoid food containing fat(salt/sugar)我不要有脂肪(盐/糖)的食物  Do you have vegetarian dishes?你有素菜吗?  Can you make it mild?能做的清淡吗?  How do you like your steak?你想怎么吃牛扒  Well done(medium/rare),please全熟(中等/生)的  Could you tell how you to eat this?你吃的怎么样?  Could you pass me the salt(pepper)?你能把盐(胡椒)给我吗?  I’d like a glass of water,please我想来杯水  May I have a bottle of mineral water?给我一杯矿泉水  Uncarbonated mineral water,please.不含碳酸的矿泉水  May I have some more bread,please?能再给我些面包吗?  I dropped my knife(fork)我的刀(叉)掉了  Is everything all right?一切还好?  This is very good非常好  I’d like a dessert,please一份甜点  What do you have for a dessert?什么样的甜点?  I’d like something light,just some cheese or cake,please我想要些清淡的,奶酪或蛋糕都行  May I have some cheese?来些奶酪  What kind of cheese is this?这是什么奶酪?  May I have just a little of it?我就要一点点  Can I have some fruit instead of the dessert?我可以要些水果代替甜点  What kind of food do you have?你有什么样的食物?  Is coffee included in this meal?咖啡包括在菜里吗?  May I smoke?我可以吸烟吗?  Hi,we need a table for two,please.你好﹐我们有两位。  May we have a table by the window,please?请给我们一个靠窗的桌子好吗﹖  We prefer to sit by the window,please.我们想坐在靠窗的位子。  Can I take this seat?我可以坐这个位子吗?  This table would be great.Thank you.这个位子很好﹐谢谢。  May I have a menu,please?请给我菜单。  Do you have a menu in chinese?是否有中文菜单?  What's your special today?你们今天有什么特餐﹖  What kind of dish is most popular here?这里****的餐点是什么呢﹖  I'd like to have some local food.我想尝试一下当地食物。  I cannot tolerate spicy food,could your chef make my dishes mild?我受不了辣的菜﹐可以请厨师在我的餐点不加辣吗﹖  We need more time to decide what toorder.我们还需要一些时间来决定要点什么。  Sorry,we still don't have any idea of what to order,do you have any suggestions?对不起﹐我们还是没有头绪﹐你有什么建议吗﹖  I would like to have the same as thenext table.我想和隔壁桌一样的菜  OK,we'll start with two glasses of icedtea,easy on ice,please.请先给我们两杯冰茶,不要太多冰。  Excuse me,I'd like my coffee warmer.Could you please heat up my coffee little bit?Thank you!.请给我热一点的咖啡  Do you offer any set courses for party of two?你们有没有提供2个人的套餐﹖  May I have another fork please?请再给我一根叉子。  Could you give me a fork,please.请你给我一根叉子。  Could you pass me the salt(pepper)?请把盐(楜椒)传给我。  This is not what I ordered.这不是我点的食物。  Is soda refillable?汽水可续杯吗﹖  Some more water please.请再帮我加些水。  May we have some more napkins?可以再给我们一些纸巾吗﹖  We could like to order some desert now.我们现在想点些甜点。  Excuse me,would you please show me where the restroom is?麻烦告诉我厕所在哪里。  We are ready for the bill now.我们要买单。  Is the gratuity included in the bill?小费有包括在帐单里吗﹖  Are we supposed to leave tips here?我们需要付小费吗﹖  Is American Express(visa or master travelers'check...)  granted/accepted here?你们收美国运通卡/visa/master/旅行支票吗﹖  What type of credit cards do you accept?你们收那种信用卡呢﹖  Thank you for your service.We really enjoyed it.谢谢你的服务﹐我们这餐吃得很好。  3.购物用语  Where is the shopping area in this town?  购物区在城镇的什么地方?  Where is the biggest shopping center?  哪有最大的购物中心?  Is there a department store around here?  附近哪有百货商店?  Is it far from here?  离这远吗?  Could you tell me how to get there?  能告诉我怎么到那吗?  Where is the nearest supermarket from here?  最近的超市在哪?  Where can I buy a roll of film?  在哪能买到胶卷?  I’d like to buy a leather jacket.Could you recommend a good shop?  我要买一件皮衣。能介绍个好的商店吗?  Are there any unusual things produced in this town?  这个镇有什么特产吗?  Where can I buy it?  我在哪里能买到  Is there a duty-free shop?  这有免税店吗?  What time do stores open?  什么时候商店开始营业?  I’d like to buy kitchenware  我想买厨房用具  Which shop has the best range of goods?  哪个商店有**的商品  Could you recommend a boutique which is popular among young people?  你能推荐我一些年轻人喜欢的流行店吗?  Where can I buy cloth?  在哪能买到布料  What do you sell on the second floor?  你们在2楼卖什么?  Excuse me.Can you help me?  打扰一下。能帮我一下吗?  I’d like to buy a swim suit.Where can I find it?  我想买件泳衣。在哪能找到?  Do you have something special in this area?  在这有什么特别的吗?  I’m looking for something for my mother.  我在为我妈妈找一些东西  Hello,may I help you?  你好,我能帮你吗?  I’m just looking.Thank you.  就是看看,谢谢  Do you have sweaters?  你有毛线衫吗?  Could you show me some small sweaters,please?  能给我看看一些小号的毛线衫吗?  I’d like to see this  我想看看这个  Could you show me something in my size?  能找个我这么大号的吗?  Can I pick it up?  我能拿下来吗?  Do you have one like this?  你有像这个一样的吗?  I’d like the one in the window  我想要个橱窗里的  Could you show me another one?  能给我看看另一件吗?  What kind of colors do you have?  你们有什么颜色的?  I’m looking for a shirt for a 10 years old boy  我在给10岁的小孩找衬衫  Do you have anything smaller?  你有一些小号的吗?  Do you have any other style?  你有其他风格的吗?  Do you have a red one?  有红色的吗?  I’d like something casual.  我喜欢随意的风格  This is not what I’m looking for  这不是我要找的  This is too big  这个太大拉  Do you have a bigger one?  你有更大的吗?  This is too flashy(plain)  这个太浮华拉(朴实)  I don’t like this color(design)  我不喜欢这个颜色(设计)  Do you have the same thing in any other colors?  你有其他颜色的这个东西吗?  I’d like something in cotton  我喜欢棉制的  What would you recommend?  你有什么建议?  Can I try this on?  我可以试穿吗?  Where is the fitting room?  换衣间在哪?  This is just my size.  这就是我的号  It doesn’t fit  这个不适合  This is too short(long/tight/loose)  太短拉(长/紧/松)  May I put it on again?  我能在穿一下吗?  It feels tight here  我感觉这紧  What size shirt should I have?  我应该穿什么号的?  Could you measure me?  能给我量一下吗?  Do you have a dress in white?  你有白颜色的吗?  How do I look?  我看起来怎么样?  What is this made of?  什么做的?  Could you show me this ring?  能看一下这个戒指吗?  What kind of stone is this?  这是什么石头?  This is very beautiful  非常漂亮  It’s too expensive for me  太贵拉  Do you have anything else around 80 dollars?  你有大约80圆的东西吗?  I’m sorry.I’ll come later.  对不起,我就来  Could you show me this bag?  我能看一下这个包吗?  Do you have another design?  你有别的款式吗?  Do you have one a little smaller?  你有小一点的吗?  Do you have something with keys?  你有带钥匙的吗?  Can I get a little discount?  我能得到些折扣吗?  Can you order it for me?  你能为我定购吗  How long does it take?  需要多长时间?  I’ll take this  我要这个  I’d like three same as this.  我要3个这样的  This is a present  这是个赠品  Can you wrap it as a gift?  你能把它作为礼物包装吗?  Can you wrap these separately?  你能分别包装吗?  Anything else?  还有其他的吗?  No.that’s all  不,够拉  Can I have a paper bag?  能给我个纸带吗?  I’ll take this  我要带着这个  How much it all together?  一共多少钱?  Does it include tax?  含税了吗?  Could you give me a little discount?  能打些折吗?  Can I buy it tax-free?  我能买它免税吗?  Do you accept traveler’s checks?  你们接受旅行支票吗?  Do you accept this credit card?  你们收这种信用卡吗?  What kind of credit cards do you accept?  你们接受什么样的信用卡?  Is there a money exchange counter?  这有两替所吗?  Can I pay in Chinese Yuan and US dollars mixed?  我能付人民币和美圆吗?  Is there a mistake in this bill?  是不是帐单有错误  Could you check it again?  你能再检查一下吗?  You gave me the wrong change.  你找错钱拉  Can I have a receipt,please  能给我个收条吗?  I don’t have my change back yet.  还没有找我钱呢  I already paid  我已经付钱了  Could you tell me how to make it tax-free?  能告诉我怎么使他免税  May I have the form for tax refund?  能给我张退税表吗?  Where can I get a form for tax refund?  我在哪能得到退税表  Could you deliver it to Boston hotel?  你能把它送到波士顿酒店吗?  I’d like to have it today  我今天想要  What should I do to send this to Japan?  把这个送回日本我需要做些什么?  Could you send it to my address in China?  你能送回在中国的这个地址吗?  By air(sea)mail,please  空(水)运  How long does it take to reach Chinese by air mail?  空运多久能到中国  Can I take an insurance?  能带上保险吗?  How much does it cost by air mail?  空运多少钱?  Do I have to declare?  我要申报吗?  Will I have any difficulties with customs?  我过海关有什么困难吗?  I think this is broken here  我想是这坏拉  It doesn’t work at all  根本不好用  Could you fix it or give me a refund?  你能修好他或是退款给我  I found a stain here  这有个污点  Could you exchange this,please?  能换这个吗?  Could you change it for a new one?  能换个新的吗?  I’d like to return this  我想退掉它  Can I have a refund?  能退给我钱吗?  Could you alter this,please?  能改变这个吗?  The waist needs taking in(letting out)by 3 centimeters  腰需要收(放)3公分  Could you make it longer(shorter)?  能做长(短)点吗?  Does it take a long time?  用很长时间吗?  Can you make it a little earlier?  能早点做吗?  I put money in this vending machine,but a coke didn’t come out.  我放钱进自动售货机拉,可是没有可乐出来  Thank you but I'm just looking.谢谢,可是我只是看看。  Let me look around a little more.让我自己看看  Do you have this in another color?这个有别的颜色吗?  May I try this on?我可以试穿这个吗?  Is this tax free?这免税吗?  Can I pay by credit card?我可不可以用信用卡付帐?  Too expensive.How about a discount?太贵了,打个折吧?  Still too expensive.Give me a better discount,and I'll bring back my friends.还是太贵了,再便宜一点吧,我会带朋友来。  Can you cut me a deal?你可以算便宜一点吗?  Is this your final price?不能再便宜了吗?  I want this,but in a large size.我要大一点的  I would like to take this one.我要买这个。  Please wrap this for me.请帮我把这个包起来。  I'm looking for a gift for my friend.我要买这个礼物送给我朋友。  What time do you open/close?你们几点营业/打烊?  Where can I change money?我能在哪里换钱?  Where is the cash desk?收银台在哪里?  4.酒店住宿常用英语  I would like to have a morning Call at8:00 in the morning.我要早上8:00设定电话叫醒。  I'd like to order room service,please.我要食物送到房间的服务。  I'd like a room of one.我要单人房。  I'd like a room for two with separate beds.我要两张床的房间。  I'd like as extra bed for room 702.我要在702房多加一张床。  When is check out time?退房的适合时间?  I am interested in booking a room.我想订房。  Could I book a double room for 3 days from...(日期)..to(日期).我要订一间双人房从....  How much is a double room for 1 night?双人床一晚多少呢?  Your booking is confirmed.你的订房已经生效了。  Do you have a bus service from the airport?有饭店的bus在机场接送吗?  Could you fax me a map of how to get to the hotel?请你传真路线图给我,我想知道如何到你们饭店。  Could you show me my room?你可以带我到我的房间吗?  Where is the emergency exit and staircase?紧急出口和楼梯在那里?  Please send another blanket to my room.请再送一条毯子到我房间。  The sheets are dirty.床单很脏。  There's no running hot water in my room.我房间没有热水。  I'll arrive late,but please keep my reservation.我会晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。  I'd like a room with a nice view(abalcony).我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。  What time does the dining room open?餐厅几点开始营业?  What time can I have breakfast?早餐几点开始供应?  Could you keep my valuables?是否可代为保管贵重物品?  I'd like to check out.My bill,please.我要退房。请给我帐单。  Please bring me some ice cubes and water.请送给我一些冰块和水。  The air-conditioner(T.V.set、light)doesn't work.冷气(电视、灯)无法开启。  5.换汇常用英文  Can you change this into Rupiah?请将这些外币兑换成印度尼西亚盾?  I'd like some small change?请将大钞换成零钱  6.交通出行常用英文  Is there an airport bus to the city?这里有从机场去市中心的巴士吗?  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?巴士车站在哪里?  How much does it cost to the city centre by taxi?乘计程车到市中心需要多少钱  Keep the change,please不用找钱了  Take me to this address,please请拉我去这个地址  How long does it take to go to the city centre?到市中心需要多长时间?  Stop here,please请停下来。  What time does it leave?几点发车?  Where can I get a ticket?我可以在哪里买票?  Could you tell me when we get there?请问几点能够到达那里。  7.出入境常用英语  1.passport护照  2.visa签证  3.fill in the form填写表格  4.Customs海关  Passport,please!请出示护照。  5.expressions in the air机上用语:  Sir,what would you like drink?先生,您想喝点什么?  Coffee咖啡  6.hotel酒店  double room标准双人间  single room单间  7.restaurant餐馆  Could I see the menu,please?请给我菜单可以吗?  Could I see the wine list,please?请给我酒单可以吗?  8.take photo照相  Can you geta full-body shot?你能够拍全身吗?  Excuse me,can you take a photo for me?打扰一下,您能帮我照张相吗?  Could you take one more picture for me from this angle?你能不能从这个角度再帮我照一张啊?  9.请问1号登机口在哪?  Excuse me,where is boarding gate one?  10.请问航班CZ623(航班号)在哪换登机牌?  Hi,where can I get the boarding pass for flight CZ623?  11.我在何处可取得行李?  Where can I get my baggage/luggage?  12.这些是我私人使用的东西。  These are for personal use  13.旅游咨询中心在那里?  Where is tourist information?  14.是否可建议一间较为廉价的旅馆?  Can you recommend an economical hotel?  15.是否有机场巴士可到市区?  Is there a bus to the city?  16.是否有每晚花费在50美元以下的饭店?  Is there a hotel that costs under 50 dollars a night?  17.巴士站牌(出租车招呼站)在那里?  Where is the bus stop(taxi stand)?  10.是否可建议一家位于市中心的旅馆?  Could you recommend a hotel in center city?

  在2016年有一部广受喜爱的电影:狼孩,丛林,动物。你想到它的名字了吗?没错,就是大家喜爱的《奇幻森林》。小编最近在看并且发现了不少有趣的口语表达,整理出来和大家分享,一起来学习看看吧。  1.The trouble was,wolves grew so fast,and Mowgli…Well,let’s just say he liked to take his time.  问题是小狼们长得太快,但是莫格利,这样说吧,他不是很着急。  Notes:短语“take your time”的含义是“不着急,很从容,慢慢来”。可以用来安慰别人做事情别着急,慢慢来,没关系。例如:  Hey,we have plenty of time,no need to eat so fast.Take your time.  嘿!我们时间很充裕,你不用吃这么快,慢点。  2.Watch yourself,please.  拜托,小心点儿。  Notes:“watch yourself”直译过来是“看你自己,注意你自己”,引申过来就是“小心点儿,留点神”。是一种情绪不好的提醒别人小心,留神的说法,主要是不让别人妨碍自己。例如:  Watch yourself,please.You stepped on my foot.  小心点,好吗?你踩到我的脚了。  3.My bad.It’s involuntary.  我的错!但我不是故意的。  Notes:“My bad.”是口语中常用表达,表示认错,是自己的错。例如:  My bad.I should not leave you alone.  我的错。我不应该把你丢下。  4.Chin up,little one.We will make you a fine wolf,yet.  孩子,别灰心,我们会帮你成长为**的狼。  Notes:大家都知道”chin”最常用的意义是“下巴”,“chin up”的含义是“抬起下巴”,下巴抬起来自然就是抬头,引申为“振作起来”,“别灰心”,“打起精神”。例如:  Chin up.Everything’s hard in the beginning.  别灰心,万事开头难。  5.I would’ve done this myself,but I’m afraid of heights.  如果我不恐高,我自己就可以做。  Notes:你恐高吗?这个句子里展现了恐高的英文表达。“be afraid of heights”,另一个短语“a fear of heights”也可以表达同样的意思。例如:  I would never take a ride on a ferris wheel because I’m afraid of heights.  我绝不会去乘摩天轮,因为我恐高。  6.You’re gonna pay me back,because you owe me.  你得报答我,因为你欠我一个人情。  Notes:“You owe me.”也是口语中很常用的句子。表达“你欠我的。”例如:  I’m available today.How about inviting me to dinner?You owe me.  我今天有时间,请我吃饭怎么样?你欠我的。  7.Buzz off.  走开。  Notes:这个短语也是带有不高兴的情绪,请对方走开,不要妨碍自己。例如:  Just buzz off.I need to finish this article as soon as possible.  《奇幻森林》是由美国华特·迪士尼影片公司出品的真人动画片,由乔恩·费儒执导,尼尔·塞西领衔主演,本·金斯利、伊德瑞斯·艾尔巴、露皮塔·尼永奥、斯嘉丽·约翰逊、吉安卡洛·埃斯珀西多、克里斯托弗·沃肯联合配音。《奇幻森林》根据1967年迪士尼动画片《森林王子》改编,讲述了狼群养大的人类小男孩毛克利,被逼迫放弃赖以为生的森林之家,踏上了一场波澜壮阔的大冒险的故事。该片于2016年4月15日在中国内地、美国同步上映。  作为童话和寓言最钟爱的背景,森林具备着重要的象征意义。森林既是丰富多彩,生机勃勃的,是可爱的家园,也是神秘,野蛮的,是危险的迷宫。森林的双重意象在本片中体现得十分鲜明,男孩毛克利和狼妈妈的母子情,与黑豹的师生情,和熊的友情,都在彰显着森林作为家园的温馨;而来自老虎的威胁,来自巨猿的攻击和蟒蛇的诱惑,都在补充着森林是险恶之境。在这样一个复杂而广阔的世界中,既需要爱,也需要智慧,坚强和勇气。  在还没有看电影之前,单看海报和剧照,其实就能大概了解《奇幻森林》的主旨。一个在森林中长大的男孩子,与一群会说话的动物在一起融洽生活,暗含了一个古老而深刻的话题——人与自然的共处。影片结尾处,在一根树枝上,黑豹,男孩毛克利,熊依次坐下或躺下。位于中间的毛克利,似乎在用身体的位置代表着一种诉求:中间,这是一个平衡的位置,同时,也是一个联系的纽带。  男孩毛克利(尼尔·塞西饰)由狼群养大。谢利·可汗是一只受过人类伤害的老虎(伊德里斯·艾尔巴配音),它发誓要将毛克利铲除。毛克利发现森林不再是他安全的家,为了逃脱追捕,毛克利跟随严厉的导师黑豹巴希拉(本·金斯利配音)和自由自在的好友棕熊巴鲁(比尔·默瑞配音),踏上了一场精彩纷呈的自我探索旅程。在这趟毕生难忘的旅程中,毛克利遇到了一些对他居心叵测的丛林生物,包括巨蟒卡奥(斯嘉丽·约翰逊配音),她用迷人的声音和眼神迷惑毛克利,还有花言巧语的猩猩路易王(克里斯托弗·沃肯配音),他试图通过威逼利诱让毛克利交出迷幻而致命的红花火焰的秘密。  最后该影片也收获了不好的好评  影片拥有很好的视觉特效,让拉迪亚德·吉普林笔下那些的动物角色变得栩栩如生,《奇幻森林》很好地做到了这一点。(《环球银幕》评)  该片作为《森林王子》翻拍的一部真人电影,这部影片无论是视觉特效还是声效设计都可以说是无缝连接,看不出一点违和之处。让人目眩神怡,更服务于影片的剧情,这点尤其令人印象深刻。(《TheWrap》评)  导演乔恩·费儒的这部影片时对于拉迪亚德·吉普林原著真心实意、诚意十足的一次改编,既有一些新鲜的点子,又知道1967版动画中哪些经典元素是不能动的,最终成功地将两者融为一体。(《电讯报》评)  影片一定程度上朝着取悦观众的方向推进和发展,剧情有些老套,也让人感到有些熟悉。不过出色的特效,栩栩如生的动物角色依然令人感到震惊。(《好莱坞报道者》评)  《奇幻森林》虽然作为一部真人影片,但其中的所有动物角色也都各有寓意,象征着人类社会的善与恶,毛克利生于森林之中,对于森林中的动物而言,本身就是“非我族类”的存在。保护毛克利的动物和仇视他的动物凸显着对于不同族群的包容性问题,而从不同的角色身上,可以看到慈爱、担当、随性、责任等值得弘扬的“善”,也能够看到贪婪、凶残、诱惑等应该抛弃的“恶”。有趣的故事,出色的特效,丰富的寓意,《奇幻森林》算是一部全家欢电影。(网易娱乐评)  影片视觉效果使那些栩栩如生的动物以假乱真,还有那些逼真的动物毛发乃至表情,让人身临其境。《奇幻森林》就更加贴近拉迪亚德·吉卜林的原著,暗黑、神秘的气息也更丰盈一些,在影片里可以清晰地感受到一个被“野兽”环伺的“文明人”的孤绝处境,这正是影片的核心故事设定。(新京报评)